Twitter Marketing Techniques That Work

Lately, Twitter has been redefining itself so that it is more business-friendly. When Twitter first began, it was much more of a social website than a way for businesses to communicate with their customers. But as more and more businesses began to use Twitter, the people behind the scenes began to see revenue possibilities open […]

15 Do’s & Don’ts for Small Businesses on Twitter

Once you have created a Twitter page for your business, you have great potential to gain customers and generate some good buzz for your company. But some business owners may not know exactly how to use Twitter for business effectively, and many small businesses have actually hurt their business by breaking some of the unwritten […]

3 Things You’re Not Doing on Twitter That Is Costing You Money

If you want to be successful at e-commerce, Twitter is a great tool. But many people aren’t sure how to use Twitter or other social media effectively and in fact, small businesses and e-commerce merchants often make the mistake of allowing social media to cost them money, and that’s not how the song is supposed […]

How has Twitter Marketing Changed Over the Years?

Twitter has had a big impact on marketing and in many ways has been responsible for some of the big changes in marketing approaches. Twitter along with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn has helped to usher in what is often referred to as ”people centric” approach to marketing, which has resulted in more engaging content that […]

Are the Right People Following You on Twitter?

When it comes to posting on social media, you should focus on quality more than quantity. In other words, it’s better to post a few interesting and engaging things a week rather than to post links to your products and services that no-one wants to read every two minutes. The latter is simply exhausting and […]

Top 10 Brands that Effectively Use Twitter for Business

While social media may already be a powerful source of global networking and interactive platform, it was further glamorized with the creation of Twitter.  Twitter ushered in the era of hashtag that some of us have grown the love (or hate). The addition of celebrities who use Twitter also skyrocketed the popularity of this social media […]

Advanced Twitter Marketing Techniques

Social media continues to shape and change how people live and interact. In business, this rings especially true when we look at how Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all the other platforms have become incredibly important to how brands succeed and reach people. A decade ago, who would have thought social media platforms would have as […]

How to Use Twitter for Business Promotion

With new ways of doing business evolving and expanding every day, internet marketing has become a necessity to almost any business. The main reason a social media platform like Twitter has gained popularly over time among the entrepreneurs is the realization of how incredible this tool is in business promotion. The aim is to spread […]

Twitter Marketing Tips for Dummies – Rock it Now!

Are you considering using Twitter marketing for your business? Good news – effective Twitter marketing does not require a lot of your time. Moreover, when you’re using Twitter, your posts can reach all of your followers. More than 70% of social media users are more likely to buy a product or service from a small […]