How to Use Twitter for Business Promotion

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With new ways of doing business evolving and expanding every day, internet marketing has become a necessity to almost any business. The main reason a social media platform like Twitter has gained popularly over time among the entrepreneurs is the realization of how incredible this tool is in business promotion. The aim is to spread word by sharing essential information among the necessary business players such as owners, investors, and customers.

The primary advantage of using Twitter as a marketing tool is that one message can reach many people at the same time. This does not only keep your followers updated by giving them the current information about your business, it also allows them to get in touch with you. This action saves money and time.

In this post, we will show you how to use Twitter for Internet marketing.

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Come up with a Twitter Marketing Strategy

It is best first to develop a simple action strategy on how you intend to use Twitter. The areas to think about include; who you want to target, what goals you want to achieve and what you think your target will do. You should also consider using the metrics to determine whether your business approach is working.

Ensure your Profile is Complete

How will your target know much about your business if your Twitter account profile is incomplete? In your Bio section, tell your followers who you are and what you have to offer. Be precise and concise for this section only allows a maximum of 160 characters.

People, both close and very far away from you, want to know your location and how to find you easily. Give enough correct information using simple language that an average person can understand. You should also share your blog or website with your target. On your website, create a special Twitter landing page to establish identity with your new followers.

Follow People and Encourage Followers

Follow the people who work in your line of business or are related to your business industry in any way. You may even go further and check the people they are following and follow them. The main ones you should follow include customers, competitors, vendors, suppliers, and business partners. You should also follow a number of businesses in your neighborhood and trade organizations for your industry.

In the case of customers, invite them to follow you by using other marketing tools such as Facebook and your website. You can also use location-based marketing tools such as Google place, Urbanspoon, Foursquare, and Yelp. The aim is to deliver your targeted marketing messages to your customers in particular areas through their phones and tablets.

Always remember to control yourself on the number of people and businesses you follow together with the information you share. Too much boasting about your business might look like spamming to some people. It is very easy for the Twitter users to spread word on how annoying you are, and this action may make many choose to “un-follow” you.

Respond to People and Give Fresh Information

The best way to entertain and attract your audience is by sharing the information they would love to hear, about the products or services you offer, and how these products or services are beneficial to them. You have to show them you are an expert in your field. People are likely to do business with you if you do simple things such as giving possible solutions to their porblems, and other things such as invitations to events, discounts, and giveaways.

Since doing business involves sharing of information, ask questions, reply to comments and complaints, and re-tweet. This action will make you gain your followers’ trust since to them you are not only interested in promoting your business, but helping others out by giving tips. Tweet only when you have something fresh to share.

Do Market Research

The right way to do this research is by checking out your customers’ feedback, which mainly involves suggestions on what they want and whether or not you business is satisfying their needs. Through this, you will realize your areas of weakness, rectify them to the customers’ likes, and avoid their occurrence in the future.

Twitter has proven to be one of the easiest ways of doing internet marketing. People from various corner of the world can get useful information about your business by only a single click. Just use it wisely: Develop a simple action plan, complete your Twitter profile, follow people, share essential information, listen to what people have to say about your products and take the necessary measures.

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