Top 10 Brands that Effectively Use Twitter for Business

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While social media may already be a powerful source of global networking and interactive platform, it was further glamorized with the creation of Twitter

Twitter ushered in the era of hashtag that some of us have grown the love (or hate). The addition of celebrities who use Twitter also skyrocketed the popularity of this social media site. Whether you’re a big company or a small business, you may find Twitter to be a very helpful social marketing asset where you can reach a lot of people.

Marketers from huge brands have not been far behind with the social media marketing strategy and have blended promotional activities, product showcasing and customer support brilliantly by directly using Twitter for business. Today, we will show you some of the brands have used Twitter in a way that has not only helped them make their branding power more influential, but has also improved their business operations tremendously.

But before anything else… what is Twitter?

Twitter is a communication site that allows you to update your status, send out messages, or “tweet” for up to a maximum of 280 characters (which used to be just 140).

These tweets may include a link (that they can click, which will be helpful for promoting your blog or website content to your audience), a photograph (or four photos), or a short video with some bit of information — because sharing is caring. Since a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, adding a photo — and even a video — to your tweet can definitely expand what you want to share beyond the 280-character limit.

This microblogging site/app is also actually a very helpful tool for brands and companies as it allows quick responses for any questions and concerns and real-time communication with already-existing and potential patrons and customers.

business twitter

Maximizing Your Twitter Account

Make sure that you present your brand — may it be for a small business — on Twitter the same way you would or already have with all your other Social Media accounts. Your twitter profile should be enticing and interesting for several people to take notice. But don’t steer far away from the aesthetic and feel that you created for your brand on, say, Instagram, as this would most likely confuse your audience as to what you’re really all about and what it truly represents.

Once you’ve settled everything there is to settle with your account, you should then start following people that you feel would be interested in you and what you’re offering. When you follow people, it’s most likely for them to notice your account and in return, maybe follow you back and check you out.

Simply creating an account and following people is not enough, though. Your first few tweets will have to be enticing enough for them to actually have any real interest in your account and/or your business. Make sure that you tweet content that are relevant to your target audience to make them see that you are worth following. More twitter following can potentially lead to more sales.

Since you are able to include media content onto your tweets, you should definitely utilize this great feature for your brand’s best interest. Upload relatable photos and videos that will keep your audience coming back for more and help you in gaining more.

And of course, since Twitter popularized hashtag, it’s just fair to say that you definitely should be using them to keep up with what’s trending. Most Twitter users follow certain hashtags and check out the “Trending Now” hashtags to see what’s hip and happening around the globe. If you use hashtags that are currently trending, but are still related to your small business, it’s more likely for users to discover your account. This will, in turn, provide you with new followers and new audience.

You may also create a customized list — or several of them — to categorize the people that you are following.

Twitter’s Edge Over Other Platforms

Tweets are basically like your Facebook status updates, only shorter and more “direct to the point” (due to the character limit). However, with Twitter, your tweets appear on the feed of all your followers, as the site does not have the same filter system as Facebook.

Compared to LinkedIn — a platform that is mostly strictly used for business purposes — Twitter allows you to follow anyone, even strangers (except, of course, when their accounts are set to private which means that they first have to approve your request to follow). This is especially helpful when targeting potential patrons, especially for a thriving small business.

Twitter also allows uploads of both videos and photos, much like on YouTube and Pinterest, respectively. However, with YouTube, you are able to create a channel and organize your videos, which are just some of the things that cannot be done on Twitter. But, this still makes the platform a great alternative for short videos, snippets, or video ads for your brand — much more effective if you really just want to make your name and/or product known.

On that note, here are some of the brands that have used and have been using Twitter in a way that has not only help them make their branding power more influential, but has also improved their business operations tremendously.

Brands Using Twitter Effectively

  • Delta Airlines (1.5M)

The American-based multinational airline company not only uses the Social Media marketing techniques to introduce the latest offers and special packages, they also create an engaging environment with their customers.

The @Delta Twitter profile has more than a dozen Delta Airlines employees constantly online to answer any query or resolve any issue that you may have and will get back to you instantly.

Delta Business Twitter
  • McDonald’s (3.5M)

The reason this fast food giant has been among the top brands on Twitter is the fact that it not just exercises its marketing plan by promoting new items on their menus. McDonald’s Twitter account is one of the most interactive and communicative.

Another one that they are known for and one that’s most anticipated by a majority of their followers are their giveaways. McDonald’s give stuff to some selected followers when they tweet about what they love about McDonald’s. Easy way for customers to receive some of their beloved or new items. This helps in promoting their brand, their work, and maybe a new item in their menu.

Mcdonald's Business Twitter
  • Taco Bell (1.9M)

Taco Bell is one of the most active brands on Twitter. The best part about their Twitter page is that you don’t just get to see frequent posts of product promotions and offers, you also get to experience real-time interaction between the company and the customers.

It’s also a plus to see conversations between @TacoBell and a lot of its regular celebrity clients.

Taco Bell Business Twitter
  • Arby’s (831K)

This meaty restaurant is not just a great, classic Western-style restaurant, but also a smart Social Media marketing strategist.

The brand is constantly active on Twitter and offers discount coupons and engaging trivia. The Social Media account handler/manager also frequently replies to personal @Arby tweets, which is always a plus point as most customers find this very endearing, especially coming from such a big name.

Arby's Business Twitter
  • Oreo (835K)

Oreo has become — and will probably always be — a great global favorite. They’ve nailed their ads and TV commercials (remember the twist-lick-dunk?), and they’re now nailing their Social Media presence.

Amid several other brands in Social Media, Oreo has consistently kept one of the top spots by introducing the latest flavors in quirky ways, giving promotional items all the time, and producing humorous and creative tweets to constantly entice followers. Oreo is surely standing strong in Social Media.

Oreo Cookie Business Twitter
  • Nike (7.7M)

It is no surprise that this mostly-sportswear giant is among the top brands on Twitter. But aside from the name (because we all know who and what and how great Nike is), what makes Nike a standout brand on Twitter is that they use their account for motivation and inspiration, and not solely for business purposes.

Nike has stayed true to its dedication and image to help their customers go the extra mile, while helping the brand with promotional product showcasing tweets and offers every now and then.

Nike Business Twitter
  • Dunkin’ Donuts (1.2M)

Dunkin’ Donuts is another brand that uses the Social Media platform of Twitter for business as well as for good customer support.

Whether you tweet about your amazing experience when you last visited their store or you throw a critical remark their way, you can expect a prompt reply in appreciation or concern (it can even be a solution to a problem), which is just as well as customer service can get.

Dunkin Business Twitter
  • IKEA USA (373K)

This Swedish furniture and lifestyle retailer not only provides state of the art furniture in their store, but rules the powerful Social Media marketing campaigns on Twitter as well.

IKEA is known for their simplistic and trendy pieces that are all at a relatively affordable price. So what they do is showcase a lot of their latest lifestyle products and how you can style their pieces according to your aesthetic. They also post walk-through guides about moving in, and also include links to talented designs, designers, bloggers, and much more.

Ikea USA Business Twitter
  • Intel (4.8M)

Intel is a tech brand that takes Twitter through a different route. They’re using Twitter for business in an innovative and informative way.

Since Intel is among the few brands that does not need to offer its products directly to patrons, they use their technology to educate people about what their brand is currently doing, what they’re currently offering to the tech community, and how you can be a part of it all, too.

Intel Business Twitter
  • Disney (4.23M)

Disney has been, is currently, and will probably always be a part of all our lives. It continues to be so as it takes on the various Social Media platforms, including Twitter, to keep reminding all of us that “it’s a wonderful world”.

With frequent tweets of the classic Disney songs we all know and love and the famous and inspirational quotes from the movies that are still living in us even after all these decades, Disney certainly makes sure that their charm is not lost. Disney’s image is now no longer just for the kids.

Disney Business Twitter

Take Twitter for Business and Take it to the Next Level

Once you have listed the tips from the mentioned brands that you want to utilize for your own brand, make sure to put what you learn into action as soon as you can. There’s no better time than today to start.

To completely take your Twitter game to the next level, here are a few starter tips to help you get that ball rolling:

  • Build Your Twitter Community. There are loads of tools out there that can help you in analyzing the people who are following you. These tools will also help you in reaching out to your target and potential customers.
  • Take Note of Your Brand’s Most Effective Tweets. There are also tools out there that can help you out with this one. Use these tools to help you find out which tweets are already effective and which alternative tweets you can use to get a better response rate.
  • Expand Your Topics. Sure, it’d be nice to see promotional products or what’s new with your business, but that can get boring quick. Make sure that you post a variety of other things, like what Nike and Disney does with their inspirational tweets.
  • Play Around with Your Twitter Presence. To get better results, you can’t just have a one tone on your tweets. Again, you need to expand and have a variety. Make small or big adjustments — whichever is necessary — to make up a strong Twitter presence for your name.
  • Measure Your Twitter Performance. It will be a lot easier to get better results when you have an actual, solid data that you can look at. You can easily tell what works and what doesn’t and you can easily change what needs to be altered.

We hope that now, you have at least an idea as to how to utilize this site much like how these huge brands utilize theirs. Take this as a guide on how you can help your name grow on Twitter. Allow users to engage with you with content that they would actually want to read.

Focus your energy on those ideas and promote content that you know will produce results for your business and your products and your services. Remember that one size (idea) does not fit all. So, you have to really curate your tweets to what works in your terms and what you feel would be more effective for your brand.

These successful big brands should serve as an inspiration for your own. And these tips should help you better use Twitter as a legit marketing tool that can hopefully help you in getting more business.

Although they have already been in the market and have already been established even before the existence of Twitter and Social Media, they’re still keeping up with the times and doing what they can to get their brand out there; they still want to learn more. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I personally think that we should take that as an example.

A lot of people prefer reading shorter Social Media updates as opposed to lengthy ones like on a blog. If you can squeeze what you want to say in just 240 characters.

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