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Our Mission


We believe that everybody has a chance to be successful on social media networks.

But there is one problem…

Promoting your social media accounts takes a lot of time… Time that you should be spending working on your true goal: Creating the best quality photos and videos for your followers.

Let us do heavy lifting for you: We can get you more followers, so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, without stressing about promoting your account!

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Tim Powell

Social Media Marketing Director

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The Faces Behind Our Success

Lisa Rogers

Social Media Ads Manager

Meet The Authors

Tom Williams - Author at The Social Savior

Tom Williams


Tom Williams is an author at The Social Savior. He likes to write about upcoming social media technologies and trends, and regularly gives simple tips that can help you promote your account on social networks.

Clara Jordan - Author at The Social Savior

Clara Jordan


Clara Jordan is the author of our social media blog at The Social Savior. She writes about marketing and she studied Social Media Marketing at the Southern New Hamshire University. She enjoys following the latest social media news.