How Your Post Content on Facebook Affects Your E-Commerce Sales

You probably already use Facebook as a marketing tool if you are in the world of e-commerce. You might also use other social media websites like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. But when it comes to Facebook, in particular, your post content can have a big effect on your sales. This doesn’t necessarily mean just what […]

3 Ways Facebook Could Hurt Small Business

It’s no secret that Facebook and other social media websites can give a big boost to small businesses who give their company a profile online. But are there certain aspects of Facebook that might actually hurt small businesses? There are actually several ways that Facebook can hurt small businesses and knowing what those pitfalls are […]

Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

Facebook advertising offers a great way to get more eyes on your business and to convert targeted web traffic into paying customers. It has a number of useful features and offers good value for money. But is it worth it? That answer is of course going to depend on your business. Your niche, your business […]

5 Most Recognized Brands that Are Using Facebook

It is no longer a secret that social media marketing is the next generation of online marketing and publicity. Social media is no longer just a great way to get in touch with your friends and family, but a marketing goldmine which is being drilled deeper and deeper by every single business and brand out […]

Why is Facebook so Popular for Business?

Social media networks were a novelty some years back, but today their impact is no longer debated. Today, businesses have realized the power of social media and have accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing. Facebook is still the most popular social media network and continues to grow. Here are […]

How Are Businesses Using Their Facebook Timelines?

Marketers are always looking for ways to promote their Facebook posts. The term “Go Viral” has become the Holy Grail for Facebook marketers. Going viral online basically means getting loads and loads of backlinks. As a result, you can promote your post in a much effective manner, better than you would have done otherwise. However, […]

Facebook: How to Get Fans and Keep Them

Facebook has proven its status as the king of social networks. With over 700 million active users, Facebook is used by about 60 percent of Internet users. It was developed as a social platform to connect acquaintances, friends and family. However, Facebook has proven to be a very powerful and reliable tool for marketing a […]

Who Benefits the Most from Facebook Marketing?

Facebook provides you with free access to a huge database of potential customers and a targeted audience. When it comes to Facebook, just creating a Facebook page is not enough for your small business. You also need to take other steps to create the right content mix to motivate and captivate your fans with your […]

3 Best-Kept Facebook Marketing Secrets

Facebook helps businesses reach out to target audiences, increase brand awareness, and interact with potential customers. As a small business owner, you are probably wondering how to start a Facebook marketing campaign for your company. Launched in February 2004, Facebook is one of the most popular and active social networking platforms today. If estimates are […]