How Your Post Content on Facebook Affects Your E-Commerce Sales

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You probably already use Facebook as a marketing tool if you are in the world of e-commerce. You might also use other social media websites like Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. But when it comes to Facebook, in particular, your post content can have a big effect on your sales. This doesn’t necessarily mean just what you post either; it also means how you post it. Here are some things that you might not even be aware of that can affect your e-commerce sales from Facebook posts.

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Your Post to Promotion Ratio

The entire reason that you created a Facebook page for your business might have been to make sales and generate buzz, but promoting yourself with every Facebook post is the way to lose followers fast. There are some unwritten rules that apply to a marriage of social media and e-commerce, and making your post to promotion ratio palatable for your fans is one of those rules.

Your post to promotion ratio should be no more than 1:7. That means for every seven posts you make; only one of them should be commercial. You can do 2:7 if you make them funny, useful or in some other way keep it light and funny for your followers. But if you go over this ratio, people are going to see you as a spammer and they will stop following you, liking your page and posts, and sharing your content.

You want to build a relationship with your fans, not spam them with your products. The bulk of what you do should be geared towards posting informative, entertaining and useful content that will make people want to follow you and share what you post.

How Frequently You Post

Another big factor is how frequently you post. You don’t want to post too often, even if it is useful or entertaining content. That’s because you don’t want your followers to become so used to your posts. For example, someone who posts on Facebook four times an hour will probably start losing fans, even if your posts aren’t reaching everyone at once. Posting more often is not an effective way to counter Facebook’s policy of only allowing a few of your fans to see your post (unless you pay for the privilege of posting to them all). Posting too often will simply make you lose followers when they start seeing you post too often.

However, you also don’t want to post too seldom either. You will have to find the balance, based upon how many likes your page has, how long your posts are and other factors. The Social Media Guide suggests that you post 2 times a day, seven days a week, around 10 am and 3 pm. However, you should test out your posting times and adjust that, according to your own metrics.

The Number and Type of Comments You Get

You also need to be aware of how powerful comments can be when you are promoting one of your products on Facebook. People tend to follow other people as a general rule, so if you can get some of your customers to comment about how exciting the product you are offering really is, you’ll get more people coming to the sales page and checking out at the shopping cart page.

This goes the same for negative comments. You should never remove negative comments if they are honest reviews about your business. However, you can remove the unnecessary negative comments by hovering over the comment with your mouse and clicking on the X.

The Grammar and Spelling in Your Post

Yep, grammar and spelling is still important. If you want your customers to respect your business you need to make your posts as a professional as possible. If you have horrible grammar and spelling then either have it checked before you send it out or let an employee write the posts for you. You might even consider having a professional write your posts, for maximum impact. You want your posts to be as entertaining and useful as possible, completely free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and your sales posts to entice everyone that reads it to buy the product. It’s very easy to find and use a free grammar checker online, so there is no excuses for having bad grammar!

Targeting Errors When Posting

Finally, you should group together your fans and create a different posting profile for each group. Not only will this allow you to counter some of the restrictions that Facebook puts on your posting to customers, it will also spike your sales because you’re advertising to the exact type of people that might buy the product. This means that you no longer have to show beaded handbags to the men who are following you. You can just concentrate on the women, who are more likely to buy.

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