Why is Facebook so Popular for Business?

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Social media networks were a novelty some years back, but today their impact is no longer debated. Today, businesses have realized the power of social media and have accepted that social media marketing has to be part of their marketing.

Facebook is still the most popular social media network and continues to grow. Here are some of the latest facts and figures about Facebook:

  • Facebook averages 1.23 billion monthly active users
  • Facebook now has over 1.26 billion users
  • Facebook averages 945 million monthly active mobile users
  • There are 128 million daily active Facebook users in the US
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Reasons Why Facebook Is So Popular For Business

Share basic information about your company

Your Facebook page is a place where you can publicize your business name, contact and address details, and briefly describe the services and products that you offer. What’s more, you can also talk about your history, staff, or any other aspect of your business that is likely to create interest in what you do and attract other Facebook users.

Instant customer engagement

Facebook can provide direct customer engagement for businesses. Companies can interact with its clients by setting up a Facebook business page. Facebook provides a medium to present multi-media information to their clients such as video, photos, latest events and updates. Therefore, customers are able to know all the details of the services and products offered by a business instantly from the source.

In addition, businesses can set Fan permission to allow people to post some relevant video or pictures of their products. Companies can also engage public members by tapping into social capital within friends groups. Therefore, companies can comment back to folks commenting, it helps build trusting relationships with clients and gives a competitive advantage.

Facebook can help steer traffic to your website

You can add a link to your website on your Facebook business page. Many companies report that the greatest benefit of Facebook is the extra traffic that it adds to their websites. Visitors who came to the site can be exposed to stronger marketing messages and, usually, the option of buying goods and services.

Customer who visit your website from Facebook are likely to be more interested than the average visitors, because they already know one or two things about your company and were moved to click the website link.

Free/Low price

One of the most important reasons why Facebook is so popular for business is because it is low priced or free for folks setting up their Facebook business page. Facebook pages and groups are free for everyone to market their business. On the other hand, Facebook advertising is another good option for businesses.

Facebook will help companies set target audiences by their psychographics, techno-graphics, and demographics of their profile. And the minimum budget is one dollar per day. Therefore, Facebook can help reduce the marketing cost and companies can use that money on other elements of development for their company.

Facebook provides strong connection with other websites

Companies can show their business’s detail in the information of the Facebook page. They can post their official homepage of the company, YouTube channel, Twitter, blog etc. Therefore, when folks “Like” their Facebook page and look at their information, people will know other details of the company.

What’s more, there is a function called Badge for companies to post on their blog or homepage, this enables their customers to observe and link back to the business’s Facebook Page. In addition, some of the social media can synchronize the updated status to Facebook such as Xanga and Twitter.

Facebook helps raise brand awareness and promote positive word of mouth

You can increase your company’s profile on Facebook by encouraging existing and prospective customers to click the “Like” button on your page. Once they like your page, your clients will receive your updates on their wall, where their other Facebook friends will also view the updates. This helps to create awareness of your company, and to associate your customers with your brand.

Customers can additionally post positive message and comments about your services or products, shared on their walls for all their Facebook friends to see.

In conclusion, according to different articles, case studies, and research reports, it is no doubt that Facebook is a successful marketing tool for businesses. Facebook can generate exposure for their companies within a short period of time.

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