How Are Businesses Using Their Facebook Timelines?

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Marketers are always looking for ways to promote their Facebook posts. The term “Go Viral” has become the Holy Grail for Facebook marketers. Going viral online basically means getting loads and loads of backlinks. As a result, you can promote your post in a much effective manner, better than you would have done otherwise.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of creativity and intelligence involved in getting the desired results. As a marketer, you need to be open minded about changing trends on the internet and incorporate them in your posts. Before we discuss how businesses have been using Facebook timelines, here is how you can create viral posts on social media.

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Get Interactive and Personal – People are not willing to like the posts or pages where there is less or no amount of interaction between the publisher and the readers. In order to promote your Facebook posts well, it is imperative to add a personal touch to it.

It should be interactive and more attractive at the same time. You can ask your friends or fans to like your post in a creative manner. Thus, when your posts will go viral it will have a good number of comments and likes that will make it highly popular feed. This will give a boost to your social media marketing campaign.

Focus on Current Topics – As mentioned earlier, you need to keep yourself updated about current topics that can attract the attention of people in a matter of seconds. Mostly, community oriented topics such as, “Going Green”, “Global Warming”, “Tobacco Day” etc. have great chances of going viral over the internet. Since these topics are of high concern, you will find many people who would we willing to share their opinions and views on such topics.

Post Regularly – Last but not the least, you need to post on a regular basis. If you skip for a few days, your audience may get interested in some other pages, and lose touch with you. A couple of posts on your Facebook profile everyday will do the job.

How Do Businesses Use Facebook Timelines?

A lot of businesses wonder how to use Facebook timelines effectively and creatively. It is worth mentioning that some tips can help you attract more followers, and generate more leads to reap higher profits.

Add Interesting Milestones – Interesting milestones always work better when your company has an interesting history. You can share the achievements of your company, and even show how your products have evolved over the time. This keeps your prospects intrigued and interested. Coca Cola and some other major brands have already been using this technique.

Incorporate Profile Photo Into Cover Photo – Your profile photo is a good place for the company’s logo. However, since the profile photo overlaps your cover photo, you need to leave blank space in the cover photo’s lower left corner. Therefore, it is better to blend your two pictures. Many businesses have started doing this for a long time.

Tell a Story with Pictures – A lot of businesses try to tell a story with pictures. Over time, pictures have been larger in timelines. You can even use the Highlight feature to make sure visitors see even more of your album. Many automotive companies have been using this technique.

Brand with Apps – On the new timeline, apps are more visible. Facebook photo app always appears in the first row and first position. It displays your most recent photo. In addition to this, the next three applications in the row will be more visible. Therefore, businesses have been using this strategy to attract more followers. Any business which is yet to follow this strategy should try it at least once

Use the About Section for Call to Action – Though you can’t have your website address or call to action in the cover photo of the timeline, you can still include the information in the About section. This is a valuable area, and you should use it well.

These were some ways how businesses have been using Facebook timelines for social media marketing campaigns. With your Facebook profile, you can build a strong social media and online presence to generate more leads. You can also consult professionals to achieve best results.

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