Facebook: How to Get Fans and Keep Them

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Facebook has proven its status as the king of social networks. With over 700 million active users, Facebook is used by about 60 percent of Internet users. It was developed as a social platform to connect acquaintances, friends and family. However, Facebook has proven to be a very powerful and reliable tool for marketing a brand, attracting new customers and gaining loyal followers.

Facebook marketing is appealing for several reasons. It offers a two-way communication channel for the business to interact with its customers. This communication enables the customers to share their experiences with the brand, and allows the business get feedback from customers. As a result, the business gains trust and the loyalty of its customers. Facebook fans and followers are highly networked, thus allowing the business to reach a larger audience. This platform is also dynamic and flexible.

Having a successful Facebook marketing campaign requires you to have a Facebook business page and a large fan base. A large fan base may not improve your sales immediately. However, it strengthens your business through reputation management, conversion of fans into loyal followers and improved customer support. Over time, this will translate into increased sales. Every internet marketing campaign relies on traffic. So after you create a Facebook page for your business, you need to increase your reach by gaining followers and fans, or by. When you buy Facebook Likes from Australia, it helps achieve this, but having a large fan base is not the end. You need to maintain your followers and fans by engaging them, providing relevant and useful content, posting regularly, and sharing links, images, and videos.

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To take advantage of Facebook marketing, you need to get fans and keep them on your Facebook business page. You can achieve this by:


Post regularly after you buy Facebook Likes from Australia

Social media platforms are dynamic and flexible unlike traditional media platforms like newspapers and television. Statistics indicate that about 50 percent of Facebook users visit their page at least once a day and they want to see new content. The core principle in internet marketing is posting fresh content on a regular basis. You should post any interesting content you get and you will be able to determine how often your Facebook fans and followers want to hear from you.

You should always ensure that you post useful and relevant content. Your audience expects to see some specific type of content. For instance, if your business deals with fashion, do not share content related to sports or anything else that your fans might not like. If anything, your followers and fans know where to find sports news or whatever else they need.

Share Videos, Images and Links

Images, links and videos have a major appeal element on Facebook. Ensure you use them frequently to entertain and engage your fans. If you visit the most popular Facebook pages, you will realize that they tend to share infographics, videos and images together with their usual text posts. This form of content attracts more shares and likes, and thus gets your page more followers and fans. Likewise, links, contests, surveys and games can brighten your business page.

Create Engaging Content 

Facebook marketing is built on engagement. This entails soliciting an action or response from your followers and fans. When you engage your fans, they will like your content, re-post your videos and images or participate in a discussion on your Facebook page. The more you engage and interact with your fans, the stronger the relationships you build with them through discussion and dialogue. Engagement also generates more activity and stories on your business page and fans’ News Feeds. This drives awareness and creates a viral marketing effect which enables you to gain and maintain new followers.

How do you engage fans on your Facebook business page after you buy Facebook likes from Australia from us? This solely depends on your target audience and subject. However, you can ask your followers what they think about a new product, your brand, or their position on a topic. You can also complement your fans for their support, highlight a success story, post links to useful research and articles as well as share insights and tips.

Show a Human Side of Your Business

Facebook marketing cannot be successful if you don’t give a human voice or side to your business. Facebook fans and followers need to interact with other people, not an impersonal brand or business. You should use an approach that suits your brand but also has a voice that sounds likable and real. It is also important that you express things in your own words, not in some company jargon or the company tagline. Fans and followers will keep off your page if it’s dull and impersonal.

Having and maintaining a good number of Facebook followers and fans on a business page is very vital for various reasons. A large fan base indicates credibility, trust, and popularity. You can get fans and keep them by posting regularly, sharing images, links, and videos, creating useful content, and showing the human side of your business. These tactics, on top of buying Facebook likes in Australia for your business, create engagement, which is very important in internet and Facebook marketing.

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