Top 5 Social Media Sites for Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

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Everyone eats. As far as truth bombs go that’s not exactly nuclear, but it does provide the impetus for many to get into the hospitality game. Unfortunately, this very thought train is one that’s boarded by quite a few people, making hospitality one of the most competitive industries around. So how do you effectively rise […]

5 Simple Tips and Tricks from Top Restaurants on Social Media

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If you want to improve your cross-court backhand, there’s no finer specimen to study than Roger Federer. If you’re hoping to strike it big in the investment game, you could do far worse than read some of Warren Buffet’s stuff. Likewise for restaurateurs who are looking to capitalise on this heady new world of social […]

The 6 Most Effective Social Media Marketing Sites for Restaurants

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The restaurant game is one industry still dominated by small players. There’s something about visiting a cute, homely, family-run establishment that gets foodies everywhere excited. As a restaurateur, it’s important to understand how modern-day diners are finding your restaurant. Overwhelmingly diners now look to the internet to get advice on where to dine. More specifically, […]

6 Best Practices to Drive Social Media Engagement

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Social media presence is key for your company’s brand awareness and online marketing. But it’s about more than just getting people follow you on these platforms. The real impact from your social media efforts comes from comments, shares, retweets, likes, and favorites. From engagement. How do you encourage followers to not just passively observe your […]

8 Fresh Ideas for Restaurant Social Media Content

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Anyone who has ever controlled a social media account – be it a personal one, a professional one or one that’s just for fun – will know the difficulty of coming up with fresh content. You want to offer value, variety and a little bit of X-factor, an aim that can sometimes turn this social […]

7 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

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What is worth posting on social media? A question as old as time itself, if we presume, like your Facebook timeline, that time began 10 years ago. The answer to that question changes markedly depending on who you ask. To a 14-year-old, the answer might be the purchase of a fresh juice. To a 40-year-old […]

The Best and Worst Restaurant Social Media Campaigns We Can Learn From

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When it comes to social media marketing campaigns run by restaurants, there are some absolute stunners we can learn from. There are also some absolute stinkers. Here’s what you can learn from the A-league to get your restaurant hitting some social media marketing home-runs. The Stunners Tweet for Cheap Pizza: Domino’s UK Domino’s has harnessed […]

Outside the Box Marketing Ideas for Coffee Shops

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Looking for marketing ideas for coffee shops? Standing out in a world full of constant marketing can be difficult. Especially when you’re a coffee shop in a world full of cafes, coffee carts, and Starbucks who are all competing for the same customers. Marketing your coffee shop in a way that makes people pay attention […]

The Old and The New: Approaches to Restaurant Promotion

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There is a multitude of approaches to restaurant promotion, some as old as time, some new and novel. The way in which you promote your restaurant should reflect what you’re trying to achieve through the promotion. This can range from branding and positioning your eatery, to increasing the frequency with which people visit. Let’s take […]

6 Affordable and Easy Online Restaurant Promotion Ideas

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As a restaurateur, your day quickly fills up. Between inspecting the front of house, controlling the back of house, and doing the books, many small restaurant owners will find that opportunities to grow their business often fall by the wayside in favor of simply keeping it running. Grand marketing plans are all well and good […]