How Restaurants Are Using Social Media Effectively

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When it comes to embracing the potential of social media marketing, no other industry has quite captured it like the restaurant industry. Businesses of all sectors can learn a lot from looking at how restaurants are using social media effectively. Cafes and restaurants have leveraged each nugget of potential that social media offers, landing them […]

Restaurant Promotions: 3 of the Best Ever and 3 of the Worst Ever

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You have to be creative to get ahead in the restaurant game. It’s one of the most competitive industries in the world, and to stand out from the crowd can be the ultimate challenge. Promotions provide a great way to do just that, giving your restaurant a unique selling point that gets customers’ heads turning. […]

Why Internet Marketing Is Vital for the Success of Your Coffee Shop

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There’s a temptation for smaller businesses to think that digital marketing isn’t worth the effort; that it’s best left to the big end of town with their big marketing budgets or that you need a specific skill set to do it effectively and efficiently. This line of thought is rife within the café sector. Starbucks […]

7 of the Best Creative Restaurant Promotion Ideas

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Trying to think up some creative restaurant promotion ideas for your business? Want to “wow” the world with something different to the run of the mill methods? Here are seven of the best out-of-the-box marketing tactics to inspire you. Help punters pay their parking tickets Victoria Station and Vic’s Boathouse in Salem, Massachusetts, runs Parking […]

Growing and Managing Your Restaurant’s Reputation Through Online Marketing

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Reputation is everything in the restaurant game. A good standing will have patrons rolling through the door, drawn in by tantalising whispers and word-of-mouth. But such repute doesn’t just happen; it can take years for any restaurateur to build a good reputation and takes but a moment for it to be destroyed. You’re in control […]

Prime Examples of Great Social Media Content for Cafes

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It’s almost like social media was made for cafes. Other businesses have to find a way to slot in with the platforms to convince the users that they should be there, whereas cafes’ photos of creamy lattes and tasty avocado smash are right at home on Instagram and Facebook. Curating content for social media for […]

6 of the Freshest Ideas for Marketing Your Bar

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Unless you’ve somehow found yourself holding a monopoly in a one bar town, as a bar owner you’ll face stiff and constant competition. In order to truly succeed you’ll need to be creative. You’ll need to use all of your marketing wiles to attract new customers and to keep your old ones. But truly good […]

3 Most Rewarding Social Media Tactics for Bars and Cafes

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There are endless ways that bars and cafes can use social media to increase awareness and attract new customers. But even if you don’t have lots of time or huge marketing budget to spend on your online marketing, you can do a few basic things to boost your social media game. If you’re one of […]

How Social Media Is Changing the Face of the Food Business

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Unless you’re Amish, social media has, by now, permeated your life in a wealth of ways. Even if you don’t have a social profile to your name, your loved ones will, and the organisations that you deal with day-to-day most certainly will. Organisations simply must put a firm focus on social media these days, lest […]

Top 5 Social Media Sites for Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

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Everyone eats. As far as truth bombs go that’s not exactly nuclear, but it does provide the impetus for many to get into the hospitality game. Unfortunately, this very thought train is one that’s boarded by quite a few people, making hospitality one of the most competitive industries around. So how do you effectively rise […]