Prime Examples of Great Social Media Content for Cafes

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It’s almost like social media was made for cafes. Other businesses have to find a way to slot in with the platforms to convince the users that they should be there, whereas cafes’ photos of creamy lattes and tasty avocado smash are right at home on Instagram and Facebook.

Curating content for social media for cafes should be easy, right? You can’t really go wrong…

Well, yes and no. It is hard for a cafe to go drastically wrong with their social media posting activity, but to get it right and to really hit the mark is a whole different kettle of fish.

Is it time to take your cafe’s content from good to great? Let’s get some inspiration from these examples of great social media content for cafes.


Photos of Food

Of course, the glaringly obvious one. Cafes are one of the very few businesses whose blatant advertising of their product actually works as social content. People love to see what you’re offering, especially if they’re potential customers deciding whether to go to your cafe or not.

With this in mind, put a little thought into the photos of your food. Style it a bit. Choose your best items. Take the picture in a way that also shows off your cafe, or has a vibe that matches the branding of your cafe.

Check out Gjusta cafe/bakery in Venice, California, who do it oh so well.

Behind the scenes pictures

Social media is a great place to “humanize” your business. Include photos of behind the scenes, in your kitchen, or little tidbits of information to share with your patrons. It builds a sense of community and encourages customers to feel aligned with your brand and your business.

Foodies Deli Cafe in Sydney does a great job of this on their Facebook page, with a mix of posts of the team at work, menu items, and information. Check out the number of likes on this feel-good post about ringing the bell to pay the chef a compliment!

Photos of Staff

This ties in with behind the scenes posts. Photos of staff happily doing their job give your cafe a human touch. This is especially helpful as today’s customers are increasingly socially conscious and like to support ethical businesses. Showing that your employees are happy goes a long way in the minds of customers.

The CoffeeWorks Project cafe in London uses this tactic on their Instagram account, which itself is a masterclass in excellent social media content for cafes.

Things that are Uber-Shareable

Photos of food, your cafe, and employees are great for attracting likes, but if you’re aiming for shares you may need to think beyond the walls of your cafe.

The three main reasons that people share social media content are:

  • Because it’s interesting
  • Because it’ll be helpful for the recipients
  • Because it’s funny

Keep this in mind when curating content to post on social media.


Halo Cafe in Celbridge is a shining example of great social media content for cafes which is funny. Their hilarious chalkboard signs aren’t only effective in real life, they’re perfect social media fodder.

Not only do their own pictures of the signs get shared on social media, but customers take photos of the signs and upload them to their own account. It’s a pure and simple example of User Generated Content that works so well.

Examples of “useful” content are how-to, life-hack, and top-ten list articles. Websites like I Love Coffee do great posts which you can share on your Facebook page to pique the interest of your followers.

Memes with interesting facts or funny coffee-related jokes are also great content for cafes’ social media accounts. They’re easy to find on the internet or you can make your own. Just make sure you choose one that aligns with your brand and will have your customers saying, “Haha! That’s so me!” rather than “that’s weird and offensive and I didn’t expect that of that cafe.”

Social media is made for cafes. The popularity of #foodporn shows that people love a good snap of a brunch and coffee on their Instagram feeds. Keeping in mind these examples of great social media content for cafes and taking inspiration from the masters will put you in their league in no time.

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