What is Hindering Your Success in Social Media?

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When it comes to marketing a business through social media, it seems that some people just “get it” and others… Well, they don’t.

If you’re like many business owners and entrepreneurs, then you may have found yourself slaving away at Facebook, Google+ and Twitter only to find that you aren’t getting anywhere. This can be very frustrating – and particularly when you see other social media marketers speeding past you to make rapid gains in terms of followers and subscribers.

The question is then… what’s holding you back?

There are many possible things but the following are some of the most common issues:

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Many people just don’t commit enough time to social media marketing in order for it to be successful. The problem is that social media can take a while to provide returns on your initial investment. Thus it might feel like you’re wasting time by pursuing it when actually it’s an incredibly valuable way to spend your day.

To fix this problem, you might consider outsourcing some of your social media work. Alternatively, you can use tools like Buffer and IFTTT to act as “force multipliers”. Most important though is simply to believe that what you’re doing is likely to have an effect.

Lack of Content

Social media marketing goes hand-in-hand with content marketing. What that means, is that it works best when you also have an amazing blog filled with fascinating content that you can share regularly to your followers and subscribers.

Set up a blog and then use social media to share the content you post there. At the same time, link to your social media channels on your blog. The two will support each other and this will lead to exponential growth with time.

The Right Strategy

If you are just posting occasionally on social media with no strategy, then it’s no wonder your progress has been slow.

What does a strategy mean?

Well, it means realizing that you can gain more followers by adding people and by joining in in discussions. It means that you can post articles to Google+ communities and get tons of plus ones and new contacts. It means using LinkedIn Pulse and it means using BuzzSumo in order to find great content to share.

In other words, you need a plan and that means emulating successful formulas of other social media marketers.

Lack of Branding

Strong branding makes a big difference when it comes to social media marketing. You need to be on every social media site and you need to have the same logo and attitude on all of them. Likewise, you need to carry that same logo and branding through to your site. Your objective is to “be everywhere” and to have a consistent image that makes it easier for people to quickly understand what you’re doing, to find you and to decide they want to be on-board.

Lack of Quality

Finally, you need to ensure that you are providing quality. That might mean through your content, or it might mean through the posts and updates themselves…

Either way, don’t think of Facebook and Twitter as “a good place to spam”. Give people a reason to follow you and to keep following you.

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