Ditch Black Hat and Get Back to the Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is one of the biggest challenges that any website owner will face. The rules are constantly changing as search engines update their algorithms and it’s hard to know what strategy will work to keep your website at the top of the search results. Instead of placing your trust […]

5 Simple Online Marketing Hacks For Real Estate Agents

What do you picture when you imagine “house hunting?” Do you have a mental image of a couple poring over a Saturday newspaper real estate section with a red marker in hand, circling potential properties? While this might have been the norm ten years ago, it’s just not true for how people search for property […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

LinkedIn – it’s where businesses and professionals go online to schmooze and rub shoulders. It’s where people show off their credentials and jostle for position of Top Dog in their industry. And it’s a crucial element of your social media marketing strategy Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, where consumers expect to be marketed at by […]

Content Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys: Establishing Thought Leadership

Content marketing is the hot topic in the world of online marketing right now. Consumers have cottoned on to traditional marketing hooks – they’re tired of having blatant advertising shoved in their face, which has given rise to the more nuanced, engaging method of content marketing. By creating interesting and useful blog posts, tweets, videos […]

The Three A’s of Social Media Marketing for Non-profit Organizations

Traditionally, non-profit organizations relied on the trusty old email list to get the word out to their potential donors and appeal for donations. But that’s changing. Why stick to a simple email which can easily be deleted before it’s even opened, when you’ve got the engaging, interesting, and exciting social media platforms with which to […]

Social Media Marketing Ideas for Property Management

Attracting new renters and retaining current ones has never been easier than now. With some savvy social media marketing you can better position yourself as the first port of call for anyone looking for their next rental property. Target Gen Y Generation Y are the biggest demographic looking for rental properties now. These are the […]

Marketing on Pinterest: What’s The Appeal?

Pinterest is one of the mainstays of the social media circuit, with 100 million active users globally. But the characteristic that sets Pinterest users apart from those of other platforms is that they are there to buy stuff. Marketing on Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to promote brand awareness, advertise your product, and […]

Search Engine Optimization: A Simple Starter Guide

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It? Ok, so here are the basics: most traffic to your website will come from search engines – Google, Bing and Yahoo being the major ones. But there are lots of websites out there which are relevant to each search query, so how do you ensure that […]

Sink Your Teeth In: Social Media Marketing For Dentists

Every dentist in private practice knows that it’s not enough to be a good dentist. You’ve got to be a good business person too. For your dental practice to be successful you need to grow your client base, as well as retaining clients as loyal customers. Thanks to the rise of social media, the marketing […]

How to Develop a Brand Strategy to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’ve spent even a small amount of time studying marketing, you’ve probably heard that branding is everything. Your brand is more than a logo. It’s the feeling that people get when they think about your business. Does the mention of your company stir up feelings of happiness? Does it make people laugh? Do they […]