These days, content marketing is an absolutely crucial aspect of any web marketing strategy. Despite having been around forever, it’s something of a buzz word right now and with good reason. In short, for many businesses content marketing is the most effective way to generate traffic and readership and to ensure that you’re able to establish trust and to convert those visitors into paying customers.

At The Social Savior, we highly recommend including content marketing as part of your strategy. Read on to see how this works and how we can use it to bring you more traffic and customers…


The Concept

What’s crucial to remember when considering online marketing, is that the internet is founded on content. That is to say that when someone searches online, there’s a 99% chance that what they’re looking for is information, AKA content. Likewise, it’s content that Google looks at when trying to decide which sites to match with which search terms. This is the main indicator Google has of what your site is about and whether or not it is high quality – so it’s crucial for helping you to climb the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

At the same time though, it’s through your content that you’re able to persuade your readers, establish a relationship and build trust.

Thus, the idea behind content marketing is to create compelling, well-written content that will bring your visitors back time and again and that will help you to gradually position yourself as an authority and thought leader in your given industry or niche.


How to do Content Marketing Right

At The Social Savior, we can help you to build the most effective content marketing strategy that will really make your site stand out among the rest. We will provide you with a content writer and create fantastic articles that get read and that get shared. We’ll also help you to promote that content via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so that you can land guest posts on authority sites and so that you can ensure as many people as possible have the chance to read it via social media.

For your content marketing strategy to be effective though, you need an understanding of which type of content is successful. It’s not enough that your posts are well-written, they also need to be unique and offer something that other articles aren’t. At the same time they need to be written in an engaging and entertaining manner.

Furthermore, you need to understand – as we do – why people read and share content in the first place. Here’s a quick tip: the best way to ensure that your articles get shared is to create posts that facilitate conversation. In other words, if your post can be used to help someone make a point or spark a debate, it’s much more likely to get spread around the net – and you don’t have to do anything!

Likewise, it’s crucial to recognize that people share content to express themselves and to tell people about who they are. If you can appeal to your readers’ narcissistic tendencies you will get a lot more shares.

It’s understanding like this that makes the difference between content that no-one reads and content that goes viral.


Let The Social Savior Handle Your Content Marketing!

At the same time though, you need to ensure that you’re keeping your focus very much on delivering value through your writing as this is how you will keep people coming back and establish trust. The objective here isn’t to get shares for the sake of getting shares; it’s better to deeply effect one single reader than it is to irritate ten thousand!

Understand that articles don’t tend to make conversions of your first time visitors. The objective is to keep bringing people back and to gradually gain their trust. By the time they’re checking your site weekly for entertainment and useful information then they’ll be ready to sell to.

Of course there’s much more to effective content marketing but hopefully this has given you a little help to understand what we see as important when it comes to content marketing, and how this can be combined into your overall marketing strategy.

If you really want to see how we can help you to bring in more visitors and turn them into loyal customers, then get in touch and we can start managing your social media and content creation right away.


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