These days, everyone is connected through social media be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We are constantly using these platforms in order to share our likes and dislikes, to voice our opinions and to spread content and videos we find and enjoy on the web.

And because social media leverages our existing networks of friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances, these messages can be spread incredibly quickly. A single tweet or ‘like’ can end up going around the world and back given the right conditions.

Social media marketing looks to make the most of these platforms in order to help you to spread your company’s message. This means using social media for business in order to generate likes, follows and retweets and to market directly to your target audience. If you let us take care of your social media strategy, then we can help you to grow your reach exponentially through these existing networks.


What Does Social Media Marketing Entail?

So what does this all look like?

Effectively, social media marketing encompasses:


Social Media for Small Business

Social media marketing is crucial for any business in this day and age but for smaller companies it’s even more critical.

Remember, most social networks are networks of people who know each other in ‘real life’. This means that there’s a very good chance they’re going to be local to each other and if you can get a satisfied customer to share their experience it’s going to be seen by plenty more people in your target area. Better yet, this will serve as a testimonial from someone that those people already trust.

Likewise, social media marketing makes a lot of sense for small businesses owing to the relatively low cost and high potential rewards. A small business can compete with a large conglomerate on social media without needing a gigantic budget.

Social media for small business is about taking advantage of your small size and using that to your advantage. These means getting people on your side and encouraging them to support you as you grow, which just so happens to be one of our specialties!


Staying One Step Ahead

That’s a brief overview of social media for business but it’s really just the tip of the ice berg. Social media marketing involves much more than that and is also about optimizing for mobile, integrating with apps, getting onto voucher sites and keeping an eye out for new and upcoming social media platforms for business. Likewise, social media can be used in a number of other creative ways, whether that’s to make communication within your organization easier or to crowdsource ideas.

Either way, you can count on us to be on the cutting edge at all times and to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. We have a proven social media strategy that works and that’s guaranteed to bring you more customers but we’re also learning and adapting all the time to ensure that you’re right where you need to be – leading the pack!


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