The Most Effective Strategies: Social Media Marketing for Law Firms

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Social media is no longer reserved for personal use. Today’s professionals also use social media as the new “word of mouth” marketing strategy. With each new “like”, a business gains credibility in the community and generates a new lead for future interaction. Over the past few years, a growing number of law firms have started using social media to attract potential clients.

social media for law firm

H3 – H3 – Using Social Media

In 2012, the Law Society issued a social media guidance for lawyers. Before 2012, apart from few high profile lawyers, social media wasn’t a familiar platform for law firms. Hence, there wasn’t much social media marketing for law firms. Today, everything has changed. In fact, law firm referrals from Twitter alone have increased by 663 percent.

If you want to capitalize on the social media wave, you need a solid plan. Before you create an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, study these tips to create a strategy for social media marketing for law firms that will work for you.

Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Research Your Reputation

Your law firm might already have a social media presence that you aren’t aware of based purely on posts from your clients. Take some time to search for your law firm by name on Facebook and Twitter. Do a quick Google Blog Search while you’re at it. Once you know what people are already saying about your firm, you can strategize ways to build up your reputation online.

Identify Where Potential Clients Congregate

When you think about the services your law firm provides, take note of characteristics of your typical clientele. Where would these individuals come together on social media? That’s where you want to be. If your firm focuses on family law, visit Facebook pages for people going through separation or divorce. If you’re trying to reach divorcees who want to change their child’s name, you need targeted messages for this niche. According to EZ Name Change, “a name change can be life-changing”, which is why you should focus on short, catchy messages such as this one when posting on social media.

If you’re focusing on real estate law, follow the Twitter accounts that appeal to potential buyers and sellers.

Get involved in discussions regularly to establish an online presence for your law firm and showcase what you have to offer.

Promote Your Law Firm Social Media Marketing Content

Promote Content to Drive Reactions

Rather than posting boring status updates on your social media pages, take the opportunity to promote your best content. If you have a blog or news section on your website, you can link this content into your social media feeds to generate more views. Remember that effective use of social media is creating content that is provocative. Have a strong opinion and be prepared to defend it.

Merge Social Media With Real World Events

Don’t forget to let your existing clients know about your presence on social media. Include links on your website, your business cards, and brochures. Incorporate your social media presence into events by creating unique hash tags and encouraging your guests to tweet updates. When you visit conferences, send out social media updates with quotes and hash tags to connect with other attendees.

social media for law firm

Use Social Media to Make Firms Approachable

Start a Conversation

Treat your social media accounts as an ongoing conversation with your clients and your community. What do you want to share with your neighbors? What message does your law firm want to convey?

Social media is making attorneys approachable again and these strategies for social media marketing for law firms will help you get on that social map. While you shouldn’t offer specific legal advice through these platforms, you can discuss legal issues and raise questions that will draw interest. Then convert those leads into consultations and say hello to a steady stream of new clients.

Start Building Buzz for Your Law Firm

With a little careful planning and a solid strategy for social media marketing for law firms, you can build up a lot of buzz in your communities. If your firm isn’t already riding the social media wave, it’s time to get started today.

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