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In today’s entrepreneurial world, some business seems to have a voice while others’ get diluted in the crowd. It’s no denying that companies increasingly need to own a distinct image.

To succeed, you need your business to stand out. But differentiating yourself is not an easy thing. To that end, creative and original minds are needed.

Today, one of the most effective ways of promoting your business involves social media marketing. At The Social Savior we follow 6 strategies that can help your company get all the social love it needs.


Setting Audience Profiles

Segmenting your audience into certain profiles will allow you to engage in more profound conversations.

Benefits include:

  • Easily identify promoters and critics.
  • Quick update into social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • Better customer feedback.
  • Identification of your audience and targets.

Overall, being able to divide audiences according to their cultural background, ethnicity or language will allow you to better address them. We strongly suggest you to consider this option.


Social Moderation

Social channels are difficult to moderate, it’s true. Huge masses of data and information are not welcoming.

However, you might find this a very lucrative method.

  • Route and Assign Messages Automatically – Long term thinking is crucial for business. This will save your company time and money (isn’t it the same thing anyway?).
  • Filter Message Streams – Sort messages by level of priority, keywords, channel or else.
  • Create Customized Moderation Dashboards – This is very helpful for management purposes.


Content Planning

In such a multicultural world, reaching an audience has never been so difficult. Hasn’t an advertisement ever pulled you off from buying a product?

In order to better address the public, there are a few possibilities to consider.

  • Campaign Publishing – This is a way of delivering a structured, concise and engaging message. It will work better targeting audiences.
  • Asset Management – We are talking about digital assets here. Pictures, videos, links, etc. Being able to identify your most popular assets will help you make a better use of them.
  • Asset Planning – Administrating your assets will proof very helpful. Try scheduling their release to make them more appealing.


Paid and Targeted Amplification

Your advertisement will have a better impact if it’s managed through a single platform. To that end, create and manage social adverts using the same support as your community management and content publishing. It has its positive sides.

  • Create and Target Paid Adds.
  • Manage Large Numbers of Users.
  • Manage Budgets Centrally.
  • Automatize Operations.
  • Benefit from Analytical Reports.


Be Part of the Trend.

Social listening and trend discovery is a powerful weapon. Being up to date is a must in today’s business world. Identify what people are talking about, what they want and take an active part on it.

  • Trend Discovery – Choose a certain criteria and engage in the topics you find. Try searching for hashtags, keywords, viral videos, etc.
  • Be Engaged – There are ways of being part of the ongoing present process more effectively. Dwell on sensational hashtags and keywords, for instance. Add them to your messages and adverts.


Social Analytics

This one is intimately linked with the prior strategy. It’s about being able to organize and visualize social activities affecting your business. It will allow you to operate through a deeper public engagement. For starters, track down market trends. Next up, identify link information, unify reports. Last but not the least, detect matters of relevance.

Follow these strategies and you won’t let your company down.

And if you need help with managing your social media marketing or strategy advice, we will be happy to help you.

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