Stats That Make Social Media Marketing Vital to Your Business

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If you are like most web users, then you know how great the impact of social media networking sites are in the lives of many consumers. This is actually one of the main reasons why social media marketing is now regarded as a business must-have. By making use of social media properly, you can considerably improve many aspects of your business, from seeing greater traffic to having higher conversion rates, from having a more powerful online presence to enjoying stronger customer relationships.

Just in case you have been ignoring or delaying the implementation of a social media strategy, you should know that you are putting your business at risk. There are just so many benefits of taking advantage of social media, and those who fail to realize its value are likely to have a hard time beating the competition.

So if you need more reason to begin using social media for business, whether it is in the form of Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, or Google Plus marketing, take a look at the following statistics that are definitely going to open your eyes.

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The Numbers on Lead Generation

All marketing campaigns are focused on one result, and this is to generate as many leads as possible. If your campaigns are unable to do this, then you are just wasting your precious time and resources. Take note that having an online presence, particularly on social media networking sites, is critical to your brand, and being able to properly utilize these platforms can result in a greater lead generation.

Here are a few numbers on how lead generation is influenced by social media.

  • Twitter is used successfully for generating leads by approximately 34 percent of marketers.
  • About 85 percent of B2B consumers say that organizations should provide information about their products and services through social media platforms.

The Numbers on How Social Media Influences Buying Choices

You probably have seen it – consumers sharing their thoughts, opinions, takes, and reviews about products and services through their social media accounts. Social media marketing can play a huge role in influencing the buying choices and decisions of consumers, so you should invest time and resources in creating a well-planned strategy.

Here are some of the most significant numbers on how social media affects consumer decisions.

  • According to Socialnomics, 90 percent of consumers trust the recommendations of their peers, which is why 93 percent of the buying decisions of shoppers are impacted by social media.
  • 41 percent of traffic related to e-commerce goes to Pinterest, while 37 percent goes to Facebook.
  • According to 47 percent of Americans, the greatest influence they have when making purchases is Facebook.

The Numbers on How Spending is Affected by Social Media

Social media networks affect spending, and this is proven by studies and surveys conducted by various organizations. Here are some of the most noteworthy numbers you should know.

  • Facebook accounts for 85 percent of all purchases done via social media networks.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, expenses associated with social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter, account for 9 percent of the marketing budgets of companies.

The Numbers on How Video Is Crucial for Social Media Marketing

Content marketing goes hand in hand with social media marketing, and one of the most effective ways to spread the message is through the use of high quality videos. By sharing high-res, and well-made videos on various social media platforms, you can attract even more potential customers.

Here are four statistics on videos:

  • YouTube is the number one player in terms of highly engaged users. It drives the greatest number of people wanting to participate, mostly through comments.
  • Content, status updates, and blog entries with videos get more inbound links than posts that are just in plain text.
  • Of all people who own smartphones, 75 percent of them view videos, with 26 percent watching clips at least once on a daily basis.

The Numbers on How Social Media Shrinks Distance

With the kind of reach that social media platforms have, demographics are no longer such a huge concern for businesses. You can reach consumers from all over the world within just a matter of seconds.

Take a look at these statistics that prove social media can counter demographics and distances.

  • 43 percent of Adults within the 65-year-old and above age bracket have active social media accounts, while 89 percent of those who are within the 18- to 29- year-old bracket are also active.
  • More than 70 percent of American adults who are active online utilize social media platforms.
  • Of all people who make use of the World Wide Web, 72 percent of them have active social media accounts.
  • Adults who utilize the Internet account for 71 percent of those who use Facebook.
  • Sixty three percent of people who have Facebook accounts log into their profiles on a daily basis. Forty percent of these go into their accounts several times a day.

Mobile Statistics You Should Know

Mobile use and social media marketing also have a relation. Nowadays, having a mobile phone is considered to be an integral part of the lives of consumers. So with this being pointed out, you should realize the importance of going mobile, and launching a social media strategy that involves having a mobile-friendly site.

Take a look at these statistics relating to mobile use:

  • More than 50 percent of all mobile searches conducted end in making a purchase.
  • Eighty percent of active Twitter users use their mobile devices.
  • Seventy one percent of social media account holders access their profiles through their mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

As you can already see, social media marketing is something that you should not disregard. These numbers and statistics should already show you how important social media is and how it can seriously affect your business. In other words, it is a must that you implement some sort of social media strategy if you really want to be on top of your game and have a greater chance of generating leads and making profits. Through proper social  media management tactics and strategies, you can be assured that the time and resources you invest in these platforms are going to be worth it.

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