Social Media Marketing Compared To Traditional Marketing

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A lot of people are still stuck in the older style of marketing on the Internet and offline where it is all revolving around the radio, television, and websites. However, what people need to realize is this is not so much the case anymore as there is a new form of marketing that has really started to take hold and that is the social media marketing.

In this article we will be comparing the traditional style of marketing and social media marketing. So that you’ll have the right information and know which form of marketing you should be using to get the help you need for your business.


Traditional Marketing Methods

The traditional marketing methods are going to be both online and offline methods. However, these are considered traditional because they are the method that everyone relied on for years and had some success with these methods. Here are some of the methods that are considered traditional.

Radio advertising is one of the methods that a lot of businesses used in the past and met with great success. However, the success of radio advertising has started to dip as more people have satellite radio in their vehicles, but also as more people are ignoring the ads. This method is traditional and is slowly fading over time.

Television ads are another method that are starting to work, but even then the reach is limited to people who are watching the shows. Unfortunately, producing ads can be expensive.

Internet marketing often led to articles being written, which is kind of like print advertising. These articles would generally discuss a specific aspect of the business and even the different aspects of a specific product. Each of these are meant to add in backlinks to the different websites and this is going to make it easier for people to get the right marketing in place.

Pay per click marketing is going to be another aspect that people need to consider when they are looking at the traditional marketing aspect. While most people never think about this, they need to realize this is often viewed as one of the first forms of marketing people are looking at when they get involved on the Internet. So people will find this form of marketing is going to cost them money, but it is a great way to expose their website to the searches that are going on related to the nice that people are looking for.

Social Media Marketing                 

When this type of marketing came into play, it really started to change the game for a lot of businesses and people. However, what people need to realize is this type of marketing is not completely new and instead it is a different type of form of the word of mouth marketing that so many businesses started off using.

Here is some of the features that are present when people are using the social media marketing versus the traditional style of marketing.


Facebook is the main social media website that people think of when they are considering marketing on the Internet.

When people start to use this, they will notice they can have a page for their business, but will also have a chance to get the page listed and have information shared on these pages. This is going to lead to more people getting to see the business and if they like what they are seeing on the page their is an even greater chance that the pages will be shared within the circle of their friends. This in turn will lead to more of the “word of mouth” type of marketing that is present on the Internet today.

Pictures are something else which can be shared quite a bit. When people are looking at the different pictures on their website, they will notice they are generally wanting to get the pictures shared. This way people will have a chance to get the pictures shared with multiple people and even have it shared so it will count as a backlink to their website. Without this, people may have to try to share their pictures on their own and this may not lead to them getting the type of results they would expect to have.

Final Thoughts

When people look at the new way of marketing they will generally notice that the more powerful method is by using social media. This type of marketing is going to allow people to get the help they need, as well as generate the website traffic they need to have. However, it would be in a business’ best interest by understanding the similarities and differences between the two kinds of marketing. Only then will a business will be able to know which marketing is right for them.



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