Here’s Why Highly Visual Content Is a Social Media Marketing Must-Have

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In the world of social media marketing, you are going to find a lot of advice on how to make it work for your business. You should follow all of these tips as they can truly make your efforts pay off. An example of a social media strategy that you should prioritize is the utilization of highly visual content.

In today’s time and age, you should understand that using visuals as part of your marketing campaigns is not only advisable; it is actually a must. Whether you are focused on Facebook Marketing, Google Plus marketing, or any other form of small business marketing tactics, regularly uploading visual content can really do a lot for driving traffic.

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Up Your Following with Well-Designed Graphics

Engagement can considerably be improved by creating not only aesthetically-appealing graphics, but informative ones too. As you may already know, one of the benefits of social media for business is the fact that it improves your brand’s visibility. Since we are talking about visibility here, then it only makes sense that what you show your followers is something that they are going to find interesting and engaging. You need to tell them right away that what your business has to offer is going to do them a lot of good.

With well-designed visuals, you can expect your social media marketing efforts to have better results. Yes, you would face additional expenses, but as long as you work with an expert graphic designer, you can rest assure that these are going to be well worth it. All the good things that expertly-created graphics can deliver easily outweigh these additional expenditures.

Increase Brand and Message Recall

No matter how many updates or posts you upload as part of your social media strategy, if none of them are remembered by consumers, then they do not really have any effect at all. In other words, they really do not do you any good if the information they were supposed to disseminate have not been retained by the people you are targeting. You should always remember that, in today’s time and age, many people easily forget information and details, especially if they came in a hard-to-digest manner.

In fact, according to studies, the brain is able to process images much more quickly than just text. In addition, when information is delivered through a visual method, the brain is able to retain more of it. So when you integrate visuals with your content marketing tactics, you are increasing your chances of making your target audience absorb and remember more. Aside from increased message recall, this also leads to improved brand recall.

Improve Audience Engagement with Highly Visual Content

Aside from helping you improve the rate of brand and message recall, highly visual and informative content also considerably improves the rate of audience engagement. Studies have found that companies that maintain Facebook pages and use visuals as a key part of their social media management have 180 percent higher audience engagement.

Here are a number of reasons as to why your social media marketing tactics can benefit greatly with visuals, in terms of upping audience engagement:

  • Tell the history and the story of your business or brand in a more interesting manner.
  • Let your audience know right away about new products, new launches, or new features.
  • Visuals have higher odds of becoming viral.

The Numbers on Visuals Tell It All

If you need more reason to begin using visuals as part of your content marketing efforts, take a look at the following statistics.

  • In a survey that was conducted by social CRM advisory firm Software Advice, it was shown that 82 percent of respondents said that images are crucial to optimizing social media content.”
  • Tweets that came with images had 18 percent greater number of clicks. These tweets also got 89 percent greater favorites. These image-featuring tweets were also retweeted 150 percent more than those that just had text in them.

With the most popular social media networking sites becoming more and more congested with content every single day, you should expect your target audience’s attention to not be focused on your business alone. This is why you should do your best to keep them interested and stimulated with your updates and content uploads.

By using highly effective visuals as a key social media strategy, you can boost your communications dramatically, increase engagement rate, and turn your social media presence into a commanding one.

How to Use Imagery in Social Media the Best and Most Effective Way

If you do not have any idea on how you can start using visuals in your social media marketing campaigns, you are welcome to use this guide.

For How-Tos

When creating how to guides, you should use high resolution images along with the text. This is going to make it easier for your followers to learn about your message’s real essence. In addition, since images are far more appealing, interesting, and noticeable than just regular text, your readers are more likely going to readily click on them. Just make sure that brief, yet concise descriptions are attached to the images.

As Infographics

Infographics are a great way to share a great amount of information in a single, much-easier-to-understand content. If you do not have graphic-creation skills, you should have an expert create the images for you.

For Videos

A series of images can be turned into videos for an even more interactive way of sharing information. They are also effective as visual checklists and guides.

Final Thoughts

Your social media marketing and content marketing efforts can all hugely benefit from the use of highly visual content, so make sure that you take the time to develop, create, and execute them. As long as you are able to keep the most important aspects of effective visuals in mind, you can expect your brand’s online presence to be considerably improved, while the level of engagement in your audiences significantly increased. Just make sure that you use high resolution images in all of your visual content.

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