Content Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys: Establishing Thought Leadership

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Content marketing is the hot topic in the world of online marketing right now. Consumers have cottoned on to traditional marketing hooks – they’re tired of having blatant advertising shoved in their face, which has given rise to the more nuanced, engaging method of content marketing. By creating interesting and useful blog posts, tweets, videos (read: content), you are showing potential clients how you stand out from the rest and what you can do for them.

Law firms are slowing getting aboard the content marketing train, realizing that this is the prime way to establish themselves as thought leaders in their field. A blog on your website can be the difference between a client choosing you or a competitor. So, how can you optimize your content for maximum impact? Here are a few tips for content marketing for law firms.


Establishing Your Law Firm

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is the key term and ultimate goal for law firms’ content marketing. Your content needs to establish your firm and your individual lawyers as experts in your field. The articles you publish should address emerging trends, current cases, and showcase your unique ability to understand and dissect these topics.  Crafting unique articles about your niche will set you ahead of your competitors, showing that you are the leaders in this area.


Newsjacking is a snappy little term used to describe “art and science of injecting your ideas into a breaking news story so you and your ideas get noticed.” For law firms and lawyers this translates to staying abreast of emerging cases and issues in your field and publishing content relating to them. Anyone searching for information on that case or issue will find your musings, establishing you as a thought leader in this area.

If your content is particularly good this can even lead to invitations to speak at conferences or being asked to comment for news outlets. Fantastic for exposure and demonstrating to prospective clients that you are the leader in this area.

Write Content that A Lay Person Can Understand

Adapt Your Writing Style

Lawyers, on the whole, are incredibly intelligent people. They’ve spent years training in their areas of expertise. These areas of expertise, however, rarely involve “writing in a way that the lay person can understand and wants to read.”

Law is notorious for its jargon and its difficulty to understand if you’re not in the biz. It’s critical that people not only read, but understand, your content. It’s important to think about your audience when you’re writing your blog posts so that your message lands.


Utilize Social Media for Marketing Your Content

Harness the Power of LinkedIn

When it comes to B2B (business to business) marketing and the online presence of professionals, the stand-out platform is LinkedIn. Here, it’s not just firms but individual professionals who advertise their prowess. It is all but assumed that every lawyer will have a LinkedIn profile these days. Capitalize on the huge audience you have on this platform by publishing content here as well as on your own website.

Have individual lawyers link to their and their colleagues’ articles on the company website. This is a crucial step of content marketing if your field of expertise means that your clients are businesses or decision makers for large corporations rather than individuals.

Content Marketing is an Essential Tool

Contenting marketing is as essential for law firms as it is for every other business today. Your online marketing strategy needs to involve a steady stream of well crafted, insightful blogs or videos which establish your firm as thought leaders in your field. Current and emerging issues should be covered, whether they are your cases or otherwise.

Having an informative blog on your website demonstrates that your firm and your lawyers are experts. This demonstration is far more effective than an ad that says “WE ARE THE BEST.” The days are gone where that kind of advertising works on clients. You need to show them that you are the leaders in your field, and there’s no better way than through some clever crafting of a simple blog.   

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