Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important

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Content marketing is the process of publishing information and sharing it on a variety of online formats in order to build your brand and generate more sales.  It stands in contrast to traditional sales based marketing which attempts to lead with generating revenue upfront through a traditional commercial or sales page.


There are several reasons why content marketing is important.

Generate Interest 

The first is that the vast majority of people using the internet to search for information are not ready to buy.  Some might just be curious about a subject.  Others might be looking to purchase something six to 12 months down the road.  Only a small percentage is looking to pull out their credit card and buy something here and now.  If you try to send all this traffic to sales pages, you are going to totally lose most of the traffic coming to your site.

It is thus important to provide content to service the needs of all the people who might be potential buyers in the future.  Get them hooked to your brand.  In this manner, you will be able to potentially turn them into customers when they are ready to buy.  If you have the proper sales funnel set up, you might even get them to bite on an offer after you have provided them with great value.

Gain the Trust

Content marketing is also important in order to gain the trust of potential buyers.  Making a cold sale is difficult.  This is especially the case if you are selling a high-end product that will involve a significant financial investment from someone.  Before someone is willing to trust you to deliver the value, you need to do the work of establishing authority.

The best way of doing this is to provide top notch quality content.  In the process, you will begin to gain the trust of people who read your materials.  After all, if the free content is really good, they have to believe that the paid content is even better.  If you do content marketing right, you will find that you have built an audience of loyal buyers willing to purchase almost anything that you produce.

Increase Traffic

From a traffic perspective, content marketing is also important.  The Google search engine tries to provide its users with the best content available.  This is the reason that it gets many more searches than Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines.  By providing a consistent stream of quality content covering a wide array of subjects, your brand will show up in more and more searches.

As part of your content marketing strategy, it is vital that you set up some sort of method to re-market to those who visit your websites.

Traffic is an incredibly valuable commodity.  If someone comes and reads a piece you wrote and then leaves, that traffic is wasted.  Obviously, if your content is really good, then the visitor might bookmark your page to come back.  The more you update your site with fresh content, the more incentive people have to return.

However, you do not want to rely on this.  You want to prospectively get the person to opt into some sort of list using an email capture page.  Then you can have content delivered to the inbox of the person consistently, increasing the long-term value of the traffic.


Use Multiple Platforms

It is also important that you try to get them to sign up to other channels as well.  This is where the use of content marketing on social media platforms becomes very important.  Not every reads their email consistently.  Some people might spend a lot of time on Twitter.  Others might hang out more often on Facebook.  By getting people to sign up to lists on as many platforms as possible, you increase the odds that your messages reach them.

Another beneficial aspect of having people subscribe to you on multiple platforms is that it builds a psychological connection.  This is a trick that is used by many savvy daters to establish connections with the opposite sex.  If you can take the same person to three or more locations, it helps establish a bond much more quickly.

The same phenomenon happens with marketing.  The more venues a person interacts with you on, the closer the relationship.  If you are not connecting with people on at least three different platforms you simply are not building the level of trust that you could be building for your brand.

There are a wide variety of platforms that you can be using for content marketing.  Always start with a blog page.  The benefit to having your own domain is that you are not subject to anyone else’s rules and conditions.  Your content cannot be randomly deleted on a whim.  As mentioned above, you should also be delivering content via an email list.  Like a blog, this always remains in your control.

It is also important to deliver content through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  These sites tend to get you more viral shares and can provide you with invaluable demographic data on and feedback from your audience.  You should also be publishing content on Youtube.  Video is one of the best ways of establishing rapport, plus it is no secret that Google gives preference to its Youtube channel when ranking sites.

Content marketing is vital if you really want to take your business to the next level.  While it takes a lot of effort to do it right, you can really experience long-term returns from the effort.

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