Why A Blog is Important for Effective Social Media Marketing

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Currently, everyone with a business is ditching conventional marketing media for the internet. More people are using the internet than ever before, which is not surprising considering the spin technology has taken. Advancements made over the years have enabled business people to experiment with hundreds of marketing ideas, majority of which are based on the internet.

One of the most powerful tools for marketing a business is the blog. The reason blogging has become so successful is that it is set up in such a way that it removes the business owner and the would-be customer from the professional environment of the website and takes the two parties to a less formal atmosphere. This is the blogosphere, where communication and transactions are more laid back and casual.

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The Importance of Blogging


When you have a website, people can access it and read up on your products and their pricing, but that is all. When you have a blog, you can guide readers from your website to your blog where they can view relevant information that does not directly relate to pricing, but guides them on the usage of the products you are selling. Good bloggers attain credibility from their clients because they come across as a source of authority in the field of practice.


With a blog, you gain a lot more exposure. Every single post you write goes to an index that users can search. If you develop a reputation for writing relevant, high quality content, you will be sure to attract inbound links, which are a gem in online business marketing. In addition, blogs give you a leeway to other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Relationships

A blog is a less formal platform than a website. Customers feel free to share their genuine views. You, on the other hand, get an opportunity to bond with them and understand their preferences and prejudices. This kind of interaction creates a rapport between you and your clients. The truth is that happy clients always come back.

Long-term Business Stability

A blog gives you a foundation for all your internet-marketing efforts. Not only will your blog generate you traffic, but it will also ensure that you maintain it. Bloggers who keep at it enjoy the benefits of long-term exposure. This sort of exposure also brings you clients, which translates to more sales.

Blogging Helps You Keep Pace with the Competition

If your competitors are blogging and you are not, then you need to get yourself a blog. The tricky part about a business is that there are many people selling similar products. Those who use unique methods of reaching out to prospective clients are able to edge the competition and keep their brands in the public domain.

Effective Ways of Starting and Running A Blog

What are you going to be blogging about, specifically?

Have a clear objective. Is it your personal blog or is it a business blog? Who is your target audience? You need to think everything through. Look at the people you are targeting. What is the percentage of your demographic that actually blogs? These pertinent questions will give you a firm foundation.

What platform are you using? 

There are two platforms, one that you pay for hosting, and another one that the service provider hosts free. Here, you need to look at the purpose of your intended blog. If you intend for the blog to earn you money, then you can invest.

Keep in mind that free blogs have restrictions against monetizing. If you make money on a free blog, you always give out a percentage to the hosting service. It is always better to pay for a blog so that you can gain full independence and control.

What’s your domain name going to be? 

You need to decide on a catchy name. Make internet users curious enough to want to know what you are offering. If you find it difficult, give it time. Brainstorm until you come up with a good idea. Remember, your domain is the identity users will associate you with all the time.

What are you going to post?

Always be creative with your post. Do not be too laid back. Throw in a little humor. Be controversial at times. Keep it smart, trendy and relevant. Above all, post regularly.

Blogging is a very critical aspect of marketing. Always keep in mind that there are millions of blogs on the internet, and thousands are in the same niche you are. Stand out, be captivating and make a difference. Whoever wins the blogging war in business always carries the day, both in terms of exposure and sales figures.

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