All You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing

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For more than a decade, search engine optimization has changed the face of internet marketing. As the internet stands witness to the social media revolution, internet marketing analysts have developed ways to tap into the innumerous visitors of social media networks.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

The strategy to gain website traffic by creating attention in social media websites is known as social media marketing. The efforts made by marketing analysts that are social media centric required generating content or visuals that attracts the users to visit their website. Since the brand message of the business comes from a trusted social network, this type of internet marketing is as effective as paid online marketing.

Social media networks have millions of active users, which creates a pool of visitors for marketing efforts. Since there is such a large web presence of people on social networks, even the simplest social marketing strategy resonates in significant results. Social media marketing is not only effective for bringing visitors to websites, but also helps in creating an awareness among the target audience about the company’s online presence.

Social media is a platform for users to interact and discuss, which makes the perfect platform for building reputation with existing customers as well. Social media marketing thus creates a customer support environment on the social networks for businesses to interact and address their customer queries and complaints openly.

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What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing?

Internet marketing is forever evolving with new trends being created every now and then. However, the popularity of social media does not seem to go away, which keeps marketing analysts even more interested in internet marketing through social networks. This form of internet marketing has several benefits for businesses and organizations of all sizes and locality.

  • Brand awareness has become an important aspect for many businesses that are developed or developing every day. With a large number of users present on social networks, businesses can directly communicate with the masses and create a personal recognizable image with the target audience.
  • Conversion rate depends largely on the number of visitors a website has. As social networks provide a wave of visitors to websites, businesses enjoy high traffics which also involves a good amount of rate of visitors converted into customers. Depending upon the right social platform and target audience, this can significantly help boost the revenues of the business.
  • Every internet marketing strategy your business implements will cost you a good amount of money, whether it is pay per click ads, ad banners or any other form, the marketing costs can be high, depending upon your requirements. However, social media networks are free of charge in most cases, which makes social media marketing cheaper and less time consuming. While a few social networks feature paid campaigns, the cost is still very reasonable compared to other internet marketing strategies.
  • Creating a web presence on social networks directly improves your website’s SEO. Since the social networks are the most visited websites on the internet, their high position in the SERP (search engine ranking page) helps the social media page of your business be on top of the search as well.

 Most Popular Social Media Platforms For Marketing

Ever since the commercial introduction of the internet, people have been socializing all over the world. However, there are some popular platforms that have not only improved social media, but also created a new dimension in internet marketing.


Perhaps one of the most popular social networking websites ever created, Facebook is leaps and bounds ahead in popularity than any other social network. With more than 1.2 billion Facebook users worldwide, it is the best social media platform to create brand awareness for your business in any part of the world. With the Facebook advertising tool, businesses can tailor their advertisement campaigns on Facebook and target their prospective customers directly.


Created by the search engine and technology giant, Google+ has become much more relevant in the past couple of years. With Google+ local, businesses can create local brand awareness like never before. With integrated Google Maps, your business location is displayed in Google search, which guides customers directly to your store. The added advantage of SEO with Google search engine also makes Google+ an important social media platform for marketing.



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