Top 4 Advantages of Social Media Marketing

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Any business seeking to thrive and make its mark in this digital age should have an online presence. One of the most effective search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing tools to consider using to achieve that very goal is the social media platform. It appeared quickly and etched out its own unbreakable reputation; good and bad. Yet, social media is taking the way marketing is done to new and exciting levels.

Social media marketing is here to stay, and any online businesses should take advantage of the many benefits offered by this option.


As of 2014, statistics showed that more than 90 percent of all marketers used social media to drive a greater part of their campaign with much success. While almost 98 percent of the marketers still embrace and accept social media as one of the SEO tools that increased traffic to their sites, more than 80 percent of them are not sure of which social media tools to use to see a rapid response.

Given such statics, the use of social media as a marketing tool indicated an exponential potential to grow a business. It is all a matter of knowing how to use it, to speak the language of the target market, and generate a vast online brand recognition. Here are some of the top advantages of using social media as a marketing tool.


#1. Greater conversions and conversion rates

It is no secret that social media a window to a global market, which means everything you post has the potential of being viewed by millions of potential customers.  This then means that each post you make equals to the possibility of covert someone into a customer.

The strategy is to create a following and to follow by developing an online social community across different social media platforms. The more you interact and get new followers the more your post get to spread out there, and the greater the possibilities of making new customers. The increased interest in what you have to offer can then be translated to a higher conversion rate in sales.

Consider this, social media platforms are the one place where brands are viewed as a person because people are more inclined to relate to other people thus find it easy to do business.

#2. Better brand recognition and loyalty

Every social media platform you are on is a channel through which you give voice to your brand. Unlike posting content to your websites and blogs, the content you post on the social media network will be short and straight to the point. It gives your target audience a simple view of what you are about and what you have to offer. Every post (content) is a voice for your brand. The more relevant it is to your target audience, the more recognition you gain.

Given the fact that a simple phrase can go viral across the social media network, you stand a good chance of having more followers if you know how to post captivating, resourceful and exciting content on your social media network. The more people you get to follow you the more the brand recognition and brand loyalty. However, you should be ready to offer the same recognition and loyalty by following some of your followers, paying more affection to the influencers.


#3. More inbound traffic and better search ranking

You need to extend your online presence to more than just the few people who are familiar with your brand. Such individuals can do a quick online search using specific keywords related to your brand. The game changes when you take your marketing campaign on social media networks. The odds of getting a bigger load of inbound traffic is greatly in your favor. Every social media network you join and profile you create is one more path leads web users to back to your website.

The more captivating, resourceful, and exciting your posts are the, more inbound traffic you generate for your website. The more inbound traffic generated, the better the online presence thus a better the position on search engine results.

#4. Better chance to learn and adapt to market demands

Social media is the most effective tool to use then seeking to reach a target audience. With new concepts such as geo-targeting that encompasses the use of demographic ensures that you can reach a certain market irrespective of its global location. In addition, businesses can do their marketing campaign and run it while focusing on specifics such as education, age, language, gender, and interests.

In great respects, business can thus use social media to have a better way of learning their diversities creating a better possibility to anticipate, adapt, and respond to market changes and demands. On the other hand, the business gets a means through which they can focus their marketing effort on how to reach new markets. The logic behind this is the creation of an online social community will make it easier for business to develop new marketing strategies based on the conversations held with social media followers.

In addition, the business can focus more new brand marketing campaigns directed to a new target audience. The best part is that existing and new customers will support the growth of the brand through the conversations they exchange on the social media networks. Businesses also get to improve on various aspects of their marketing campaign by taking into account the various issues and ideas share on the social media networks.

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