These Web Design and Branding Mistakes Could Ruin You

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Web design and branding are two cornerstones of business in 2016 and if you make a mistake in either area, it could sink you before you ever have a shot at success. Today’s marketplace is cluttered with hopeful entrepreneurs but few of them actually live to see their business dreams become a reality. If you want to be successful, be vigilant and make sure you avoid these web design and branding mistakes at any cost.


Choosing the Wrong Name

The name you choose for your business is critical. You should put as much thought into your business name as you would if you were naming your own child. The name you choose will be used on everything you touch. It’s your identification and if it’s memorable, it will be the springboard to your success.

Select a name that gives a clear indication of what your company is about. Remember it doesn’t have to be boring! Choose a name that will be easy to remember and fun to promote.

Skimping On a Logo

When you create a logo for your business, every detail matters. The colors you use, the style of the graphics, and the font all matter. Hire a skilled graphic designer to create a logo that really captures what your business is about. And once you have the perfect logo, use it! That little graphic should be on everything your business touches from your website to your letterheads to your boxes. It’s the identifying factor and you want it to be in front of people constantly.

Avoiding Social Media

Social media is the new generation’s word of mouth. If you want to create buzz, you absolutely have to be using social media on a regular basis. Every business should have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms open the door for you to reach an unlimited audience with your message.

You can promote your website, get the word out about your products or services, and build ongoing relationships with consumers.

Ignoring Your Website

A bad website is worse than no website at all. Your website should represent your company so take a look at your current site and think about what message it’s sending about your business. Don’t have a website? That is telling people that your business doesn’t matter. Is your website cluttered and hard to navigate? That tells consumers that your business is disorganized and difficult to work with. Is your website outdated or missing current information? That tells the world that you don’t care or that you no longer exist.

If you want to be successful, you have to nail your website from the beginning. Spend the money to get a beautiful, professional website that is easy to navigate and inviting for visitors to explore. Post content that offers real value to your readers and update it regularly.

Web design and branding aren’t easy, but you have to get it right if you want to be successful. Take a look at other successful companies and note what they are doing to create a positive perception of their brand. Study their websites to learn how to make your own website more inviting.

If you avoid the common pitfalls and keep working hard, you can grow your business and see your professional dreams come true.   

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