The No Fail Plan to Get New Clients with LinkedIn for Business

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Far too often, businesses are quick to dismiss LinkedIn as nothing more than an online cocktail party for job seekers. In the early phases of this social network, it did seem to be a hub for recruiters and freshly unemployed professionals, but all of that has changed. If you broke up with LinkedIn at some point in the past, it’s time to get back together because this platform is now the go-to place to connect and share with like-minded professionals and potential new leads.


Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is targeted towards business professionals. Visitors aren’t logging in to read celebrity gossip or watch the latest funny cat videos. The average reader logs in with business already in mind, so it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your brand and provide a glimpse at what you have to offer. If you aren’t sure where to start, this ultimate guide to LinkedIn will give you a no fail plan for success.

Make Your Profile Shine

With thousands of competitors in the LinkedIn business pool, you want to stand out as the best in your niche. Your profile is the perfect opportunity to make a good first impression. Make sure you have included all the relevant information about your business and services, including your website, contact information, and a description of what you’re all about.

Don’t stop there. Take it up a notch by including videos, podcasts, or sales sheets to showcase what you have to offer. As you build your LinkedIn business profile, think of it as the first sentence in a conversation you would have with a client. How would you introduce yourself? Give your elevator pitch and leave them wanting more when you’re done.

Attract the Right Audience

Did you know LinkedIn could help boost your SEO campaign? The key is to use the right keywords so that the search engines can easily identify what your business offers. For instance, if your business sells fertility supplements, you should include relevant keywords in your LinkedIn profile such as “fertility supplements for women” or “all natural infertility supplements”. With a quick visit to Google AdWords tool box, you can identify the most important keywords for your niche.

Show Off Your Best Content

LinkedIn is a great way to put content marketing to work for your company. Share links to your blog posts to create buzz about your brand and gain credibility among your readers. Content is a quick way to build a reputation as a business that really cares. For best results, use LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options to get your content in front of the people who matter most. Offer solutions that your potential clients are looking for and watch as new prospects come pouring in.

Broaden Your Connections

Finding new contacts and lead generation is your ultimate goal for using LinkedIn. To make it easier, start by connecting with professionals you already know. Then tag them in relevant content to spread your message to their connections too. Make sure you use tags sparingly and only where it’s really appropriate, but if you choose them wisely, it can yield big results in generating new leads.

The ultimate guide to LinkedIn for business really boils down to one simple strategy: put your best foot forward and show off what makes your business truly special. With consistent posting and targeted connections, you will quickly realize that LinkedIn is a social platform that you just can’t live without.


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