How to Grow A Small Business from a Website

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Your website is one of your most important business tools. Where a website used to simply be an online business card with your contact details, it is now so much more. It is a way of attracting new business, engaging existing customers, generating leads, making sales, and growing your business as a whole. Here are critical ways you can grow your business through your website.

Web Design

Rethinking or redesigning your website is the first place to look when thinking about growing your business online. There are critical web design elements that need to be utilised to ensure that your website is working to its maximum potential. This includes consistent branding, as well as easy navigation. Building your website so that visitors naturally click through to sales pages is essential in increasing conversion rates.


Review, Reflect, and Update

If you created your website 10 years ago, or even five for that matter, there is a chance that it is outdated and no longer appeals to your target market. Take a step back, have a look at your website, and ask yourself whether it is still hitting the mark. Think about your target audience, have a look at what competitors’ websites look like, and update your website to bring it into 2016.

Graphics, Images, and Video

Internet capabilities are always improving. Where five years ago it may have been smarter to have a plain website because it would load faster and visitors wouldn’t click away, now it may actually look boring, unprofessional, and out-dated, which does have visitors reaching for the “back” button. Now you’re free to use high quality images, relevant video, and informative graphics to liven up your website and engage your customers.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The internet isn’t just for computers these days. In fact, an increasingly large percentage of all internet use is done on smartphones or tablets. Growing your business through your website is reliant on prospects being able to access your website through these devices.

Always Be Updating

Your blog may be one of the most important marketing tools that you have. To increase exposure and generate sales through your website, it can’t be static. You always need to be adding and updating content. Providing website visitors with unique and high-quality information is what will convert website visitors into repeat visitors, leads, and customers. Interesting and useful content through your blog or other pages is what will cement your business in people’s minds as the go-to place for your product or service.

Reach For The Top (Of Google’s Search Results Page)

The other important consequence from the previous point is that relevant, quality content is how Google’s search robots will find you. A good ranking (on the first page of search results, if not in the top five) on a search engine’s results page is one of the most effective ways for you to grow your business through your website. New prospects searching online for the goods or services which you provide will be led to you through the search engine results. Focusing on Search Engine Optimization is essential in growing your business online.


Call To Action

“Email us today for a free quote”, “book now”, “add to cart”, and the like are some of the most powerful words to use on a website. Call to action buttons are essential in generating leads and converting prospects into customers. Make your product or service available to buy online if it’s possible. If not, don’t let that prospect leave the page without giving you their contact details!

Branch Out Into Social Media

Search engines are one piece of the puzzle in driving traffic to your site. The other piece is social media. Growing your social media presence goes hand in hand with growing your business online. Using social media channels, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter, to develop a following and interact with your target audience can be incredibly effective in driving traffic to your site and capturing the attention of more potential customers.

Pay For Clicks

There’s a lot of online marketing options, including a paid advertising option on nearly every social media platform, as well as Google’s AdWords. Advertising your website online can have a very appealing return on investment and a long lasting impact of increased visitors and sales.

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