Why SEO Training Could be the Best Marketing Investment You Make

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Marketing your organization on the world wide web is a hard thing to wrap your head around. It’s got a lot of similarities with trying to imagine infinity, or trying to comprehend the enormity of the universe. When you think about the fact that every western business worth its salt is trying to get in front of your eyes, and that almost every person on the planet is their potential audience, it can boggle even the most un-boggle-able minds.

The days of the Yellow Pages, it’s fair to say, are well and truly through.

But with that sort of competition, one might ask oneself, how the heck am I ever going to stand out? If I try to push my wares online, I’m just yet another drop in this ocean of millions of others doing the exact same thing.


The answer? SEO.

The subject of Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known by the acronym SEO, can be an intimidating one to confront. For those not blessed with a computer savvy mind, it can be a maze of unknown tech terms and HTML references.

But, for better or worse, ensuring that you understand the basics of SEO may well be the most important investment of time and money that your business can make for its online marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

In short, SEO is the use of multiple strategies to assist your website in getting as high up Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search results as possible. There are a few fundamental methods of doing this, as well as more “ad hoc” tips and tricks that are sometimes brought to light.

Whether it’s just learning the basics about SEO, or diving into a rigorous and comprehensive course that will keep you on top of the latest optimization techniques, having someone in your organization that has a decent knowledge of SEO is a great investment going forward. In fact, it’s a great investment for anyone looking for success in the online world, be they anything from bloggers and work-at-home mums, to journalists and SEO copywriters.

What Are The Benefits of Enrolling In An SEO Course?

Having an in-house expert on SEO is invaluable in today’s online marketing environment. In the murky world of SEO, there can be very small differences between a website that makes Google smile and one that makes Google run away screaming and asking for the good Lord’s forgiveness.

For those using an SEO consultant such as The Social Savior, having someone in-house who can converse with the consultant and action anything that they require can be terrifically beneficial.

The flow-down effects from having SEO knowledge are obvious: if you comprehend SEO and use that expertise, you’ll be higher up the search engine rankings. If you’re higher up the rankings, you’ll get more traffic to your site. And more traffic equals what? Correct. More business.

Tied in with this is the fact that to be successful, you need to stay ahead of your industry’s competition. You’re all presumably competing for the same business, and without the best SEO applied to your online presence, you’re not going to get your name in front of prospects’ eyes before they do. Ninety one percent of Google searches never go beyond the first page. Over half don’t scroll down past the first three results of the first page. When those sort of numbers are laid down, the importance of SEO is written on the wall, loud and clear, bolded, italicised and IN UPPER CASE.


Why Wait?

Investing in SEO training is perhaps just an issue of practising due diligence. Decades ago, those that weren’t prepared to move their business activities from paper to computers were slowly left behind those that took the plunge, and enjoyed the efficiencies that it created. At the turn of the millennium, those that took their business into the online sphere were soon enjoying a market far larger than those who chose not to.

Now that most organizations have some sort of online presence, the newest way to separate yourself from the pack is through the astute use of SEO. So, will you find yourself leading from the front, or coughing up dust at the back?

This choice is entirely yours.

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