How to Get the Most from Content Marketing Advertising Campaigns

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If you want to be successful in creating a business identity online and using it to speak to potential customers, you probably already know that content marketing is the number one tool to do that.

When you create content that is highly relevant to visitors to your website or blog, and make it high-quality, engaging content to boot, you are creating a valuable connection between you and possible future customers. But in order to build that relationship, you have to get your content in front of them to read and one highly effective way to do that is through content marketing advertising.

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What is Content Marketing Advertising?

When you create content, your goal is to draw in visitors to read that content. There are several sources of those visitors.

First, when your new content is indexed in Google and the other search engines, you might get some organic visitors. You might also get visitors that come to other parts of your website or blog and end up clicking through to your new content. Finally, if you have posted the content links on social media, you may get some readers from there.

Only one of those methods is likely to bring new visitors who have never been to your website before and if you want to grow, new visitors are who you need. But organic visitors from the SERPS may be few and far between unless your site is already a master authority with Google. So, to bring in some new readers, you can use content marketing advertising.

Content marketing advertising allows you to use campaigns that offer your content to people who would not have been able to find their way to your website otherwise. There are many different options for CM advertising, with Google Adwords being the most used method. However, social media websites like Facebook and Twitter also have advertising campaigns available to market your content.

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How Effective is Content Marketing Advertising?

The goal of your content is to bring in visitors over the long-term without having to pay for regular advertising. That means that content marketing advertising is not a long-term strategy. In fact, this method should only be used if your content directly leads to some sort of monetization for you.

For example, a beauty salon might want to convince potential customers in their area to try a new treatment that they have. A blog post may very well convince these customers, and a content marketing campaign can get that blog post in front of those customers, particularly since these campaigns can be geo-targeted.

In other words, content marketing advertising can be very effective if it is used correctly. You should know when and how to spend money on CM advertising and only invest in it when you have a high likelihood of getting a monetary return that exceeds your advertising cost short-term or long-term.

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Content Marketing Advertising Options

Adwords is an advertising campaign from Google that allows you to potentially place your content on the front page for any keyword that you desire. It works on a bidding system, which means that the more competition there is between advertisers for a specific keyword term, the more you’d have to pay (per click) to be on the front page or the number one spot. The higher your bid, the higher your ranking within the advertisements on the SERPS sidebar.

Facebook also has several advertising options for attracting readers to your content. They already have a program in place that requires you to pay money to advertise to more than a small percentage of your followers if you are a commercial entity. However, they also have some other advertising programs that allow you to advertise to people who don’t follow you on Facebook.

Twitter has advertising programs as well, including sponsored tweets, which allow you to tweet to people who don’t yet follow you on Twitter, allowing for certain restrictions such as geographic location, keywords and more.

Final Thoughts

There are other methods of advertising your content to people but these are some of the most used. You should carefully consider which advertising option you want to use for a particular piece of content so you can get the most return possible.


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