Five Ways to Improve Facebook Marketing Effectiveness

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If you use Facebook to give your online or offline business a boost, you are not alone. Many people use Facebook marketing to help their business grow, and unfortunately, most of them are not maximizing the potential of the medium. In fact, Facebook is such a tough nut to crack that some marketing pros have even called out Mark Zuckerberg on the difficulty of using Facebook in that way.

However, there have been many others that have had amazing success and with these tips you’ll be able to make it work too.

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Provide Sufficient Value

This is an important part of your social media presence, and unfortunately, it is one of the ways that many people fail at the task. You want to make sure that you are providing enough value for your customers so that they want to follow you and interact with you on Facebook. You do this by sharing useful information, entertaining your customers and not using the medium simply as a platform to advertise.

Look at your Facebook posts from the point of view of an outside party. Would you friend you on Facebook? If not, you should probably change your methods.

Be Consistent

If you want your followers to become part of your communication through Facebook, you’re going to have to be consistent. Posting once a week is going to make it impossible to hold people’s attention, and even if you post three times a week, unless you are publishing with a consistent schedule, you are still going to lose your audience. Post at least once per day, and possibly as much as two or three times, and make sure you always space out your posts over several hours so that you continually have content being posted.

A good way to do this without spending too much time is by using the scheduling function that comes with Facebook.

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Use Tools to Find Your Audience Not Guesswork

You want to find the perfect audience for your social media content and then you want to get them to follow you, but how do you find an audience that you’ll be relevant to?

While many businesses rely on guesswork, a much better method is to use some of the tools that are available today. For example, if you want to run Facebook ads to attract people who aren’t yet fans, you want to find people who like pages similar to yours. You can do this by looking at the profile of your competitor’s audiences. Then, use the graph search function to target a similar audience.

Get Your Fans or Followers Involved

Don’t be the company that waits behind the curtain and just watches. Get your fans and followers involved in all of the aspects of your company that you can and engage with them. When they ask a question, give them a well thought out answer. When they post something, respond to them when you can. Most of all, always make it your goal to create content that engages them automatically and motivates them to share their own stories and opinions, and of course, the content itself.

If you don’t know what sort of content you should provide to engage your followers, just ask! They’ll be glad to let you know what they want to see.

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Focus on Fans, Not Likes

If you are using Facebook to get likes, you are doing it wrong. Don’t focus on the likes. You will get a few that way, but you won’t be gaining long-term fans that are going to stick around and spread the word themselves.

If you focus on making fans happy, they will like your page anyway. If you buy targeted ads that are just intended to generate likes, or if you buy likes from a service, you aren’t going to grow your business. You can have a huge number of likes, but without relevant content that shows you care about the people, you’re not going to be successful at Facebook marketing.

Brands sometimes get hung up on page likes and reach and neither of these should be your ultimate strategy. They should be a side effect of your relevant, useful content.

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