Basic Internet Marketing Concepts You Need To Learn Now

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Online marketing is a huge chunk of the marketing industry these days because we spend a huge chunk of our life online. That’s where the people are, therefore that’s where we need to target our marketing. Because the Internet is a relatively new construct and it’s frequently changing there’s not a dearth of textbooks and established university degrees on the subject.

To learn internet marketing is not like learning to ride a bike – it’s not something you learn once and then you have the skill for life. The field is always changing, best practice is always changing, ideas on good techniques and bad techniques are always changing, the platforms on which we market are always changing. Even experts in the industry must continually update their knowledge and skills.

There are many ways to learn internet marketing. It’s a booming industry and it’s shrouded in confusion, so lots of educators are offering courses to bring people up to speed. From traditional tertiary studies to online courses you can do at your own pace, you can find a course to enroll in. A lot of them you don’t even need to pay for!

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However, if you know what you’re looking for and what you need to know, it is entirely possible to teach yourself the basics of online marketing. There are websites, articles, blogs, and online tutorials which will provide an excellent overview of the concepts you need to understand. So what is necessary to learn? Here we’ll walk you through the internet marketing basics that you should take the time to study up on.


A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is at least very useful, and at most vital, to learn internet marketing. It is the way that websites are built, after all. Applying other concepts will be much easier if you understand how the platform works.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important elements in online marketing. It is the practice of adapting and creating web content to result in higher search engine rankings. Since Google and other search engines never clearly state how their algorithms work it’s a constant effort to keep websites up to date and ahead of the pack.


Metrics are measurements used to assess the performance of some part of a business. In the case of online marketing, they measure how well a particular campaign or aspect of a campaign is performing. They are essential for monitoring performance, quantifying success, and informing future action.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment, or ROI, is one of the most important metrics when it comes to online marketing, as it determines whether your online marketing is worth the cost.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+… These are all forms of social media. But to be a capable internet marketer you will need to learn how to use these platforms to promote businesses.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is a significant, if not the most significant, form of online marketing today. Understanding how you can create useful and shareable content to create value for prospects is a key element that you should dedicate a lot of your study time to.

Pay Per Click

Pay per Click is a common online advertising model where payment is purely based on how many people click through (another term you need to understand) from an ad. Researching Google AdWords is a good place to start.

Conversion Optimization

Getting people to a company’s website is one thing. Converting them from website visitors into customers is another. This is a skill that is incredibly valuable for a budding internet marketing. Learn as much about it as you can!

These are eight of the most important concepts that any future internet marketer needs to learn. It’s a huge industry and there are lots of courses which you can enroll in to learn the trade. Start yourself off with researching each of these eight. With those under your belt you’ll have a strong foundation to study further or even try your hand at putting the theory into practice!

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