A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to Using Social Media

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When you’re in real estate, you’ll use just about any tool you can in order to get more homes in front of more customers and more people showing interest in a property, but for some reason, some real estate professionals have been slow to implement social media strategies in their businesses. If you want to increase your success, here’s a guide to using social media to sell real estate.

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Create a List of Buyers from Blog Readers

If you don’t have a blog, then you need to get one set up as quickly as possible. A blog is one of the top ways to communicate with potential buyers and one of the best ways that you can use your blog is to create a waiting list for those who want a property in your area. Then, you’ll have some information on what they are looking for, and can match up the perfect buyer with the perfect house.

All you need to do is direct people to your blog from your social media websites and create a subscription form at the top of the page. Then, you can send out emails to those buyers when you get a new listing in the area that you work and that they expressed an interest in moving to.

Set Up a Facebook Page for Each Area

Since home buyers are usually looking for homes specifically in a certain area, you can set up a Facebook page for each area that you work in. For example, if you are a realtor in St. Paul, Minnesota, and you represent the Twin Cities area, you can set up a page for each city.

A good strategy to use is to create a page that showcases the most beautiful properties in your area. Post images to your other social media sites as well as your blog.

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Use Pinterest to Connect With an Area

It is obviously a good idea to use Pinterest to showcase the best homes you have to offer, but what you actually need to focus on is creating local pin boards and joining groups. So, if you start a board for each area that you are in just like with the Facebook pages.

Your goal is obviously to grow the followers for that particular board. Once you have this list of people who want homes in the area that you are using the Pinterest page for, you can post amazing photos of homes that link back to the listings page and your Pinterest followers will check them out.

However, you don’t have to stick with just homes. You can create a Pinterest board about everything and anything in that local area. You can create a board around local community events, a board showcasing various restaurants, a board about local sports teams or anything else that you can post pictures of.

This is a great way to grow an audience for that area even larger and then you can add in a listing post here and there and you’ll be advertising to potentially thousands of people, for free.

Use Facebook Ads

Another thing that you should definitely consider doing for the real estate industry is paid Facebook ads. You might already be getting sellers from Facebook ads, but they can also help you create interest with potential buyers.

However, sending paid traffic to a property listing isn’t nearly as useful as getting people to sign up with some sort of email list because you have offered them a free home buying guide or something like that. However, it is also a lot harder to get people to sign up for mailing lists when you use paid Facebook advertising, so it is something you will have to decide for yourself.

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YouTube Video Tours

If you aren’t using YouTube to post video tours, then you should start immediately. This is a great way to give a potential buyer something more tangible than a picture that can make them decide whether they really like a house or not. You can even put those videos on your website, Facebook page or your other social media pages.

These are a few of the social media strategies that real estate agents can use in order to grow their business. If you have tried any of these, let us know which ones worked for you. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments section.


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