8 Essential Tools for Social Media Management

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Managing your social media can be a little time consuming, but it is also one of the best ways to marketing your business, draw in new customers and generate leads. But using social media management tools can make the process much easier and give you more time to actually work your business. These days there are many, many available tools, but here are a few that are absolutely essential if you want to manage your social media successfully.

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Useful Tools


IFTTT is an extremely powerful application that will allow you to connect your social networking sites together so that you can automatically share content across all platforms. The beauty of this program is that it allows you to create action triggers so that you can customize what is shared, when it is shared, who it is shared to and more.

Also, this goes both ways. You aren’t just able to automate when your own social networks respond and react, you’re able to set it up so that you can get notifications too.


SocialOomph is a multi-tool that gives you both free and premium upgrades for social media. They have functions for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and of course, your company blog. There are many different functions that SocialOomph provides like keyword tracking, scheduled posts on Twitter, automated follow and direct message functions and much more.


TweetDeck is a filter application for your Twitter feeds. It is a desktop application that will allow you to schedule tweets, create notification alerts and do incredibly focused filtering. TweetDeck is such a successful application that it was recently purchased by Twitter itself. It works on PC and Mac desktops and as a Chrome browser plugin.

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HootSuite is probably the most popular social media management tool out there. It allows businesses to create large, complex campaigns and manage them for all of the major networks like Facebook, Twitter and more, all from a web interface.

This is an absolutely essential tool for managing social media and keeping track of conversations, scouring social networks for keywords and getting metrics on advertising campaigns. It also integrates with the Google and Facebook analytics programs.


Buffer is a great post scheduling tool. You can put all of your content into it and then schedule it throughout the week so that you don’t have to worry about your content every day. While Buffer doesn’t have the features that HootSuite does like allowing you to see other people’s content, it does have better scheduling capability than HootSuite, so it should be part of your social media management tools. The reason that both of these are essential is that you can use HootSuite to “listen” to social media and you can use Buffer to “talk” or post content, on a schedule.


Tweepi is an incredible tool for Twitter. It helps you get rid of those who have unfollowed you, follow those who follow you, prune inactive users and even follow interesting users who you specify. There are many more functions in the paid version but with all the options that you have in the free version, you’ll be amazed that the entire program isn’t a premium one.

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One of the best tools for businesses that want to monitor conversations and find out what their customers are talking about is SocialFlow. The benefit of this monitoring is that the tool predicts when the best time would be to post content. That means that you can take advantage of a current trend and post content that will have a much larger impact than if you had posted it when you had originally scheduled it.

There are many major companies that use SocialFlow such as Mashable, The Washington Post and National Geographic. Besides this, there are a whole lot of features that come with SocialFlow that helps you increase engagement with followers and increase your revenue as a result. SocialFlow can help you determine when you should use promoted tweets and other premium services.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is essential because it offers you a single place for you to read all of the messages that you are trying to monitor as well as give you tools to post, schedule messages and collaborate with others on a variety of networks. There are also detailed analytics to help you see what is happening with your social media.

These are just a few of the most essential social media management tools that are available to you. Pick one that suits your need the most. Are there other tools you find useful that were not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments section below.

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