When you hear the term ‘online marketing’, there’s a good chance that the first thing this will bring to mind is ‘SEO‘. SEO is ‘Search Engine Optimization’ and for decades now it has been the first port of call for businesses trying to attract more traffic and customers online. And guess what? It’s not going anywhere any time soon!

Read on to find out precisely what SEO entails and why The Social Savior should be your number one choice for SEO services.


How SEO Works

So how exactly does one go about getting to the top of Google?

There’s no simple answer to this question and in fact you could write a whole book on the subject. To summarize though, the process involves making changes to the content and code on your website and then working to build relevant links across the web that point at your website.

To optimize your site, you need to make sure that you have lots of great content that is genuinely useful and interesting to your visitors. Google has complex algorithms it can use in order to ascertain the quality of your content and if you try and ‘beat the system’ it will only come back to bite you. Google have said a million times to put the customer first and companies that do otherwise do so at their own peril.

What can help as well though, is to do a little research regarding the kinds of terms that people are searching for to get to sites like yours. These are called ‘keywords’ or ‘keyphrases’ and by sprinkling them very lightly into the on-site content, SEO companies can encourage Google to match people searching for those terms with your content. Note however that when you do this, you have to ensure that you’re not sacrificing the quality of your writing and not trying to ‘force’ the issue. Google doesn’t take kindly to ‘keyword stuffing’ and there’s a mathematical approach to getting your keyword density just right. Using synonyms and even placing the keywords correctly can also have an effect.

Meanwhile, in terms of the code on your site, this too can benefit from a few keywords (in your alt tags, file names and meta tags for instance). What’s also important is that your site be structured in a way that makes it easy for Google’s ‘robots’ to look around.

Finally, you then need to head out onto the web and make sure that high quality and highly relevant sites are linking to yours. Google sees this as a testimonial of sorts and thus it helps to establish your site as a quality resource.


Moving With the Times

But if only it were that simple… You see, Google is changing its search algorithms all the time while new technologies such as ‘schema markups’ are constantly popping up to add layers of confusion. Failure to keep up with the latest SEO news and to adapt fast can cost businesses to lose all their hard word which is why it’s so important to choose an SEO company that’s committed to staying one step ahead.

Meanwhile, SEO can also benefit from synergy with other forms of web market. Content marketing and SEO for instance make very logical bedfellows, as do SEO and social media marketing. The best SEO companies will be able to combine all these services into a single, comprehensive web marketing strategy.


Choose The Social Savior For Your SEO Services

The Social Savior is one of the leading SEO specialists on the web and has helped countless companies just like yours to reach the top of the search engines. We believe very strongly in taking a user-centric approach to SEO that is designed to help you to climb online in a way that shows your business in the best light and that won’t leave you vulnerable. We stay constantly up-to-date with all the latest developments from the SEO industry and are constantly helping our clients to adapt their strategies and take advantage of new opportunities.

At the same time, The Social Savior is committed to providing a highly transparent approach to our SEO services. We make sure you know precisely where your money is being spent and how this will ultimately help you to generate those returns. When you succeed, we succeed and that’s why we work tirelessly to ensure that your site gets the exposure it deserves.


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