Marketing is most effective when you can reach as many people as possible.

Facebook now has over 660 million registered users. Nearly a billion people visit the site every day. It’s not just a way to stay in touch or catch up with friends. No. Facebook is just as much a business platform.

In ‘The Small Business Guide to Facebook Marketing’ we will show you how to make the most of the social platform to drive business.

Facebook Marketing Guide Book

Facebook marketing is so effective because you have so much personal information available. This helps to create the best marketing materials for your target audience. Finding them is a lot simpler too, but it’s the nature of how people use Facebook that makes it such a valuable marketing tool.

While people are joining Facebook for free, their information is being made available to third parties (companies like yours) to use in their marketing efforts. If you’re not learning the basics of Facebook marketing, then you are missing out on too many opportunities.

What’s in The Small Business Guide to Facebook Marketing?

First, you’ll get an introduction to creating a fan page. Our e-book covers the basic elements every small business must have. For example, every fan page must have:

However, this is just the beginning. Next we explain how to boost your posts to get an even bigger following. Causes and group pages will also expand your reach.

Paid Advertising

Facebook paid advertising has become a highly effective tool. Engage in polling and benefit from advertising networks and pay per impression or click. The e-book will walk you through it all and how to create an ad account.

Apps to Ads

Plus, you’ll get an introduction to the world of Facebook apps to further bolster your customers’ experience. Then you’ll get a synopsis of what your first ad campaign should look like. From headlines and descriptions to images, URLs, and the targeting options available, this section will help set up your Facebook marketing strategy for success.

You’ll also learn about PPC campaigns, conversions, and click through rates as critical concepts in Facebook advertising. Our free e-book will walk you through the steps. A simple checklist will help verify if your PPC campaign is built for success.

Learn from a Pro

Get proven tips for success and benefit from a content calendar and Google Trends.

All this and more will boost your Facebook marketing potential and make your business go viral. Enter your name/email below and receive your free copy of The Small Business Guide to Facebook Marketing today!

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