What Do Social Media Managers Do?

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If a business is not on social media, does it really exist? The answer to this very deep question, to future customers, is: no. People are discovering businesses and products through social media platforms, and every business needs a presence on social media. But it’s not enough to have a Facebook account with your details.

To really tap into the potential marketing gold mine of the world of social media, you need a well-thought-out approach to how you use it. Social media is quick and easy to use, but to use it effectively takes nous. And this is where your social media manager comes in.

social media manager

Social media managers have an affinity with the world wide web and know how to best use your social media accounts to engage with customers and attract new prospects. They know how to craft posts which will draw attention, they know the best times of day to post this content, and they know how to read the ‘mood’ of the internet and know what people are interested in, and they keep their finger on the pulse so that your business can always be ahead of the social media marketing game. Most of all, they allow you to get on with your job.

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Frequent, quality content across all of your social media platforms is critical to marketing success. Social media managers adapt content for each platform so that it will have maximum impact in that sphere. From crafty Facebook captions to captivating Instagram images, they make sure that your activity on social media is going to be noticed.

SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game when it comes to content creation. By ensuring that search engines will deliver your webpage straight to the top of the search results pile, they’ll drive more traffic to your website (and through the doors of your business).

Drive Engagement

With social media, it’s all about getting people to hit the like button, comment on your post, or reshare your content. Social media managers are responsible for engaging people with your brand – this includes a huge chunk of customer service. Your social media manager communicates directly with customers and prospects online to boost your reputation and facilitate brand awareness.

Analyze marketing data

While social media managers have an innate knack for creating social media posts that will be effective, they also have the ability to prove how successful their posts are. There are lots of analytics tools on the internet for measuring how your social media accounts and posts perform. Social media managers use these tools to understand the intricacies of what, when, and where to post content to get the most out of it.

social media management

Know What People on Social Media Want

For your social media posts to hit the mark – to really capture the fleeting attention of the consumer – you need to know what people are into. Tastes on the internet change very quickly.

One minute everyone is making jokes about one particular celebrity, and if you get in on that action you can position your brand as relevant and ahead of the curve. Miss the boat on that and post about something that is “so last week” and you’ll be met with eye rolls.

If you don’t spend your days on the internet monitoring what is hot and what is not, it can be hard to know what will be well received. Once again – social media marketers. They keep their finger on the pulse and they know what will work.

The Answer is A Social Media Manager

Social media is easy to use, it’s free, and it’s cheap. You can very easily create a social media presence for your business by yourself. And that’s better than nothing. But a successful presence on social media – where you tell a cohesive story about your business, create content that customers consume voraciously, where you foster brand awareness, and where you build a community and interact within it – takes time and understanding.

Managing all of your social media accounts, replying to comments, creating content, and monitoring what is happening generally on the internet within your industry, is a full-time job in itself. Whatever size your business is, whether you’re a multinational or a small business owner, it’s safe to bet that you don’t have time in your day to stay on top of all of this yourself. The answer is a social media manager.

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