What Are the Best Ways to Advertise on Facebook?

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When you want a fast track way to connect with potential customers, Facebook is a tool you simply can’t live without. This top social media empire offers endless options for businesses that want to advertise. There’s no doubt that your business should be advertising on Facebook. The only real question is how?

With multiple options for ads and the ability to do direct advertising through a company Facebook page, you have a lot of options. Let’s narrow it down and look at the best ways to advertise on Facebook and get real results.


Top Advertising Methods on Facebook

Build a Solid Fan Base

Your first priority as a Facebook affiliated business will be generating “likes” for your page. You want your page to be well populated and getting regular traffic from fans that actually have an interest in your business and products. If no one ever visits your profile, it won’t matter if you have a beautiful profile photo or a steady stream of killer content. You need fans to appreciate all that effort! With this in mind, start by advertising specifically to attract new “likes”.

Grab New Leads With Integrated Contact Forms

Building a list of potential leads is important for any business that wants to grow. Facebook has made the process easier with Lead Gen ads that actually let people fill out a contact information form without ever clicking out to another website. Your target audience will see the ad in their Newsfeed and when they click, a lead generation form appears.

The form already has the consumer’s Facebook info filled in and they can sign up for your newsletter or for a free consultation with a single click. You can retrieve the leads by downloading a spreadsheet in the Publishing Tools area of your Facebook account.

Target the Right Consumers

One of the biggest perks to advertising on Facebook is the ability to really target the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Rather than tossing ads out to a wide spectrum of people, you can select specific targeting options that insure the ads only go to the people who will be most interested.

For example, let’s say that you own a florist shop in Atlanta, Georgia. To do a big push for sales before Valentines Day, you might create a targeted Facebook ad that will go to males aged 25-50 living in Atlanta. What if you offer consulting services that appeal to people across a broad geographic area? You can target those consumers by interests or by other pages they have previously “liked” on Facebook.

By directing your ads towards only the people that are most likely to appreciate them, you will be guaranteed a much higher ROI and ultimately, better success from your marketing campaign.

Overall, Facebook has created a stellar environment for businesses that want to market their products or services on social media. With a huge arsenal of tools to help you succeed, advertising on Facebook is really a no-brainer.

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