Visual Content Formats That You Want to be Part of Your Marketing

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Text is boring. I can tell that the negligible effort required for you to scan these little words is grating away at your very soul.

And I agree. If a picture tells a thousand words, that does seem the more efficient way of digesting information. Visual content allows for maximum punch with minimum fuss. You are able to convey so much more with visual content that you can with other forms, such as audio and text.

Unfortunately for you, I neither have the talent, will or equipment to compress this entire article into a snappy piece of visual content, so I’m going to lay down the following bits of information in the most antique, out-dated way possible.


Through freakin’ words man.

Don’t you worry. The irony of describing the benefits of visuals by not really utilising them is not lost on me.

So how can you use visual content? What are your options?


8448339735_e6626c28ff_bWhen someone references visual content, most minds will wander to the humble infographic.

Infographics are an online marketing home run. They allow for a lot of information to be conveyed in an interesting and entertaining way, and are able to be easily branded, ensuring that you organization is forever linked to the work.

All this comes together to create something that is eminently shareable. At last count, over 350,000 tweets featuring infographics are shared every month. Because of this shareability, publishers who choose to utilize infographics grow traffic an average of 12% more than those who don’t.

Where did I get all this information? This infographic about infographics.

It’s inception.


Many brands, particularly smaller ones, may see video as an unneeded luxury. It’s easy to be of the opinion that you need a lot of money to produce a decent video. That the process – from storyboarding to filming to editing – is too long and arduous to bother with.

Reach into your pocket or purse. Pull out your phone. Record a HD video. This is the reason that these ideas are antiquated.

If a picture tells a thousand words, how about 25 of them per second? Video is the most effective form of marketing hand-down, and right now it is easier than ever to take part.

Platforms like Vine make amateur video as legitimate a marketing tool as a high-production-value masterpiece directed by an Oscar winner. And YouTube allows you to reach the entire online world for free, providing your content is shareable enough.

Creativity will comfortably outshine high-production-value every day of the week. Video is a visual content format that you’d be silly to overlook.

Data Visualizations

What’s more dramatic: Writing “and then the stocks went up”, or showing a graph with a red line heading toward the ceiling. The fact is, people remember information far better if it is represented visually.

Where data visualizations differ from infographics is that they only display standalone information in an objective way. In comparison, infographics will riff on a theme, spouting a series of facts (more than likely using a few data visualizations along the way). Graphs, maps and diagrams are all examples of data visualizations.

They can help simplify information that may otherwise be difficult to convey. They can also be easily branded and are just as shareable as infographics when used in the right context.



Welcome to the age of instant gratification, and, it follows, short attention spans.

As Homer Simpson said, “Oh look, a bird.”

If you’ve got a somewhat long-winded blog post that is nonetheless full to the brim with useful information, why not visualize it? In this case, the humble slideshow may be of assistance.

No, we’re not talking about a star-swipe riddled Microsoft PowerPoint presentation; we’re talking about creating and sharing an exciting online slideshow. Platforms like LinkedIn’s slideshare make this process unbelievably easy.

Slideshows can be a great way to repurpose old material. If you’ve got an old blog that has a lot of merit but is sitting forlornly at the back of the archives, bring it to the front by converting it into a slideshow!

Now it’s just a matter of me taking my own advice. Keep your eyes peeled for a mind-blowing video/slideshow/infographic/data visualization set of this very article on your screen soon.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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