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Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses That Already Know the Basics

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If you’ve been using Twitter to market your small business for any length of time, you probably already know the basics. Things like filling out your profile completely, adding a link to your website and not being overly promotional are the very basic rules of Twitter for business.

But what about businesses who already know these basics and want to do more with their Twitter account? Here are some advanced tips for those who want to do even more with the social media platform.

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Provide Quality Content

You only have 140 characters, so you must make them count. That’s why many businesses are choosing to use professional writers to create their tweets for them. You want your tweets to be high quality, and that means grammatically correct, succinct and engaging.

However, that also means providing something of value for your customers, and that depends upon what instructions you give to a writer.

Whenever you tweet something, you want to make sure that it is as good of a tweet as it can be and that it provides a great deal of value to anyone who reads it.

Use Networking to Get Followers

Your ultimate objective when using Twitter is to reach as large of audience as you can, and that means building up your followers to as large of numbers as possible. When you have large numbers of followers, you get better results, you get better metrics and you get more engagement with your customers. If you want to build your followers even more, try networking with other users.

All you must do is engage them and they will want to interact which means that their followers could now become your followers, particularly if they are re-tweeting your content and responding to your posts.

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Make the Most of Third-Party Software

Companies that use Twitter often do not find success because they simply can’t keep up with the demand that the medium requires. For example, if you want to have an effective Twitter account, not only do you need to post tweets regularly – and not just any tweets, but well thought out, engaging and high-quality tweets that are relevant to your followers – but you also need to respond to those people that are re-tweeting and engaging.

Besides that, you also want to be monitoring your customer’s conversations online and answering questions or addressing concerns. This requires a great deal of work and most companies just don’t have the time.

However, there are a number of third-party applications that can help with creating an effective social media presence. Tweet Deck, HootSuite and many more programs can help with everything from scheduling tweets to tracking metrics, and many are so comprehensive and robust that you can gain invaluable insight from them. Many of them are free, but some of them have both free and premium versions, with the premium versions offering more features.

Check out some of the third party applications that are out there and you’ll have much more success in your Twitter marketing efforts.

Use Hashtags to Make Your Content Easy to Find

If you want more people to find your content on Twitter, hashtags are a great way to do it. If you put a hashtag in your tweets that contain a keyword that you think people might search for, you’ll get your content in front of a lot more people. Hashtags can also help people know about your organization because when the tweet appears in the search results, they will see your brand name if you have included it in the tweet.

Hashtags are also very helpful if you want to find out what people are saying about a particular trend or subject and you can interact with those users and even find Twitter accounts that you can follow that will increase your own visibility.

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Don’t Just Schedule & Leave

Finally, if you want to give your followers and potential future followers a good impression, don’t just schedule your tweets and not interact with people. Right after you tweet something is the perfect time to engage people and if they are attempting to communicate with you and no one is available, it can lower your brand’s value.


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  1. Ryan Cote says:

    Good point about hashtags. I think small businesses underestimate them. They are an under-utilized strategy for tweeting, but the compound affect of using them tweet after tweet can help you get more exposure, more followers and more website traffic.

  2. Congratulations on scripting this fantastic piece of informative and interesting post.

    I love hashtags and use them a lot; I’ve found that typing my focus keyword in RiteTag.com’s hastag search engine allows me to find the right hashtags that people are already monitoring on Twitter and I can clearly see hashtags that won’t fly so I refrain from using them in my tweets.

    Who in this age and time of social networking does a set-and-forget-it twitter marketing system? It’s a big no-no. I find it a big put-off whenever I encounter egotistic “influencers” who fail to include interacting with their most engaged followers in their automated twitter marketing strategy. It immediately jumps out at me as an automated, unreal account seeking to spam the hell out of their followers.

    I love the fact that your post touched upon the subject of engagement reciprocation by way of appreciating those who took their time to engage with tweets. A useful piece of advise for neophytes and experienced users alike.

    Have an awesome rest of the week.


    • Thanks for the thoughtful response, Tolulope. Great strategy on the hashtags. I also always advise people about that — to search hashtags first before using them in a post. Thanks for telling us about RiteTag.com; it’s also a great addition to our long list of helpful tools. You might also want to check out Hashtagify.me because it just doesn’t give you the popularity rate of a certain hashtag, it also displays which ones are related to your existing hashtag. In this way, you’ll be able to add more significant hashtags to your post! (And as statistics tell us, more hashtags = more chances of getting higher engagement especially in Twitter and Instagram.)

      You’re certainly right regarding the “egotistic influencers” who think they can just get away with NOT responding to their followers. That’s why I really appreciate the “big guys” (popular marketers, that is) who still take time to respond to the hundreds of messages that they get daily. Sure, they can’t possibly reply to ALL comments, but you can easily spot the ones who put an effort to do so. And don’t we all hate robotic, impersonal, automated responses? If only we had a dollar for every “thanks for the like/follow” tweet that we get!

      Thanks again, Toluaddy. Have an awesome week ahead, too!

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