Top 6 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

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In the wild, crazy and overcrowded virtual world, social media is one gateway to stay in the news. One tweet or update on Facebook can send jitters and get people talking. That is the power of the new age social media marketing. Welcome to this new world where news has to come within seconds and shared in no time. Call it the effect of competition, social media is now the order of the day. It is like the end of season sale scenario, where everyone is tempted to shop and click on the buy button. So is the social media rage, it is a platform that one and all wants to step onto. But the question is how best can one make use of this magical wand called social media marketing? Like all business plans, this too needs to be designed, developed and deployed strategically. The ultimate test is when it ticks the audiences and gets them hooked to one of the social media junction.

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Ready to launch a social media marketing campaign? Where do you start? First of all, If you want to get the maximum out of your social media marketing campaign, then you should focus on any one social media platform. You have to include all the buzzing social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Now, you have to chalk out a strategy to win the hearts of your target audience on these social media platforms. Ready to brainstorm about social media marketing strategies? Let’s discuss about few of them.

Know your business first and select the media: Before jumping onto social media bandwagon, it is important to know the business and spot the audience to be targeted. There are many social network sites but only select few will work in your favour. Just like two pieces of shirts are not same so is the case with social media. Spend some time in knowing the sites and then hand pick the ones that will suit the requirement

Devise a strategic game plan: Once the social media sites are shortlisted, the next task is to develop a comprehensive plan on ways to use this platform to your advantage. The aim should be to talk and act like the social media communicators. The language is short, sharp and quirky. In short, one has to say it all in one line or lingo. So there has to be a plan of action.

Hire a team or social media team or an expert: This is a wise investment. There are so many youngsters out there who call themselves social media wizards. They know exactly what will work and what will not. From posting updates to keeping the buzz alive on the social media platform, they sure are good at keeping the traffic flowing in.

Work to create a distinct identity: To stand out from the rest of the bunch work to develop a unique identity of the organisation. It should be something that gets instant connection with the social media buff.

Once there, stay there and stick to the plan: So you have entered the social media circle with full to enthusiasm and expectation. To let the benefits roll in, it is imperative to be there and gradually build a network of followers. Stay connected to them via funny messages, interesting posts or eye catching photographs. The motto is to keep talking and taking right and bright.

Add a personal touch and answer to every post: It takes time to build a rapport with the virtual community. But once there you know that the game is on. It is very important to communicate with them on regular basis, especially when they are online. This will facilitate a bond that will work as an electronic word-of-mouth publicity. Make sure to answer each post time to time. It will hint that the account is up and running as well as active. A delayed answer is a loss of one loyal follower. The whole purpose is to get maximum clicks on the social site, so it is wise to be nice. Because one like button too matters in social media business.

One can now say that something is made easier, technology sure has made life smoother. The advent of social media has expanded our world and added a new dimension to effective marketing. Time to make that update now!

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