Social Media Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

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A recent study showed that 85% percent of people in the US and across the world use social media. As an entrepreneur, take advantage of these platforms and market your products.

Use the right marketing tools that work well on this platform to promote your goods. The main marketing tools to use are: Facebook pages, Twitter targeted adverts, Pinterest Promoted Pins and the Google+ . They streamline the marketing process by ensuring only potential buyers are following them.

Your advertisements will only get to the targeted market. You will be able to build a relationship with your customers due to the open communication provided. Outlined below are some marketing solutions for social media that will help in promoting your small business.

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#1. Engagor

The main reason many entrepreneurs use social media for their marketing solutions is because it gives customers and them a platform to interact. The customers can easily communicate their feedback and their preferences to the producers. The dealer will be able to launch a new product and remind the potential buyers of the products in the store.

Engagor is a social media platform that enhances customer-seller interaction. You can easily pass information to customers and get real-time feedback using this platform. It makes it easy to monitor discussions on blogs, websites, social networks, and forums concerning your firm, products, and the products of your competitors.


It helps in tracking the locations of consumers who are near your firm. It is easy to install from your search engine. The application is best for hotels, restaurants, stores and any firm that transact using both physical and online means. It helps in discovering the nearby leads to these places.

When installing this application ensure you input the correct names of your business and its location, the services, and products available must be mentioned for easy access. After this, it will instantly summative all social media updates within your proximity. You will stand a chance to know what consumers think of your firm and products and whether they were satisfied and the improvements they expect from you.

#3. SocialCentiv

It helps in finding a potential buyer on Twitter. Many people are using Twitter to communicate with various disciplines ranging from business, entertainment, education to religious matters. It, therefore, becomes hard to identify a potential consumer from Twitter without this application.

SocialCentiv helps small-scale entrepreneurs to locate their customers easily. It will track any twit talking about the goods you sell or your business. You will, therefore, be able to respond to the potential consumer on where to find you and the efficiency of using your commodities. It is a cheap tool for marketing using the social media.

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#4. uses the Hashtag search engine to locate consumers. As a business owner, you must stay updated with any trending news in the market. Different search engines on the internet give various results for the trending products and firms. You need to get a way of finding a firm that might be a threat to your company. gives the results of the most trending firm or products in all the search engines. It collects the Facebook posts, tweets, and posts from other media giving you reliable information that will help you in identifying a powerful competitor. It also helps in hashtag searches. This service is free.

#5. helps to create an ongoing communication with your clients. It looks like social media as it allows both readers and writers to interact. The online resource will transform all your white pages, static, and PDFs to an evolving and interactive method that will enhance communication with your clients. They can comment, share details, ask questions, bookmark some parts, and rate your company.

The resource monitors information from clients concerning your products and the parts that satisfy them. If you are unable to use it, the will provide professional and tailored details for your small business. You are only required to subscribe monthly for you to use it.

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#6. Sparksfly

Sparksfly is a new application that consolidates all the posts, comments, questions, feedback, and reviews on the social media into one application. Trying to read what each buyer said on every site can be a daunting process, especially where your business use various sites.

The app is useful to both the consumer and you. It connects all the search engines across the network and presents them to you depending on the nature of your business. To customers, Sparksfly offers useful information on the various products in the market and their distinctive features.

#7. Yodle

Having a Facebook page for your company helps in continuous communication with the consumers. They will be able to learn of any change in your products and prices. Facebook has many users, and if you update it regularly, you can be sure to reach a wider market.

Yodle marketing service ensures automatic updating of the Facebook status. It will establish a profile page that has information about your enterprise on the Facebook. It will save the time spent on updating status.

#8. VerticalResponse

The VerticalResponse app allows businesses to send marketing emails to their social networks. The emails are from one dashboard, this eliminates the use of various marketing tools, hence cutting the online marketing costs. You will be able to share the details of the marketing email on your post without incurring any cost. You can share newsletters with the social networks within a click of a button. VerticalResponse makes it easy to reach many consumers.

With these social media tools, you can scale your small business to greater heights.

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