Marketing on Pinterest: What’s The Appeal?

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Pinterest is one of the mainstays of the social media circuit, with 100 million active users globally. But the characteristic that sets Pinterest users apart from those of other platforms is that they are there to buy stuff. Marketing on Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to promote brand awareness, advertise your product, and increase sales.


Market to Prospects Ready to Purchase

A Millward Brown study found that 93 percent of Pinterest members use the site “in order to discover new purchases.” If that doesn’t appeal to you as a marketer, nothing will.

The fact that the users who will see your advertising material are just begging to throw their money at you is only half the benefit of Pinterest as a marketing platform. The other, less obvious factor is that in this environment, advertising isn’t seen as an annoyance or irritation. Whereas some Facebook or Instagram users may see a sponsored post as an intrusive or inconvenient, in the purchase-ready world of Pinterest, sponsored ads are seen as helpful.

After all, knowledge is power, and the users are interested in looking at as many couches/dresses/kitchen appliances as possible before making a decision. Your sponsored ad is just another way of them being able to discover all of their options.

Increase Brand Awareness Through Your Account

Pinterest is a great place to create brand awareness and establish the personality of your company. By creating useful, well-curated, and regularly updated boards you will generate more followers for your brand – on and off Pinterest.

Pinterest has the same function as other social media sites where pins of one user are seen by their followers, meaning that every time a user engages with your board, your name is being promoted to all of their followers. Keywords are also used to search for specific items or topics that the user wants to discover. By assigning many relevant keywords to your pins, many prospects can discover your brand and your products.

Traffic to your website is increased by associating a Pinterest account, directly and indirectly. Promoted pins and engagements with your boards increase your search engine rankings. So purely by being active on Pinterest you’re setting yourself in a better position to get more traffic through Google and other search engines.

Target a Specific Audience and Pay for What You Get

Like most social media platforms’ smart marketing options, Pinterest allows you to market your campaign only to the relevant users. Pinterest’s marketing option of Promoted Pins allows you to choose which users the ad is displayed to based on their gender, location, language, and type of device they are using.

Casual Business Woman Typing On Laptop Whilst In Bed

You can track data of your Pinterest marketing campaign to gauge the effectiveness of each Promoted Pin, allowing you to make changes where needed to increase the ad’s success. Payment is made per click-through or engagement, so you’re only paying when your ad has made an impact. And Pinterest reports that users are 2 to 4 times more likely to purchase a product when they’ve clicked through on a Promoted Pin – that is some well-spent marketing money right there!

When you’re planning the social media marketing campaign for your business, don’t leave out Pinterest. On the surface it may not seem like a platform that suits your brand, but look closer. It’s a great way to increase brand awareness; not only improving your search engine rankings, but showing customers how you can provide them great information through your fabulously curated boards. And then there’s the simple yet effective Promoted Pin – Pinterest’s version of an ad. Pinterest is the platform where people go when they’re ready to make a purchase. Never has an advertisement on social media been so welcome and so successful.

Pinterest is the platform where users want to be advertised to. There’s millions of users wanting to spend their money. Make sure you’re there to guide them exactly to where they should be spending it.

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