How to Market on Facebook for Free (without buying Facebook Likes)

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For a guerrilla marketer, Facebook offers a lot of ways in order to get the word out to your friends, and potential clients what your business is all about. The best thing about guerrilla strategies is that they are free. Everybody on Facebook can use these strategies in order to promote a business.

Here are some things you need in order to start using Facebook and marketing for free in Australia or any other country without the need to buy Facebook Likes.

#1. Profile Page

The beginning point for your presence on Facebook is your profile page. Your profile page is fundamentally a landing page that you design in order to convert your “viewers” to customers.


Not only is your profile the page that you have the most control over, it’s the spot where you can deeply and truly express your enthusiasm for the brand, organization, or product you need to promote. This is where you can let customers know about you and what you’re offering. Exploit Personal Info, Work Info, and Photos to tell a story that identifies with your brand.

If you would prefer not to relate your own personality with the product or service you’re trying to promote, Facebook is not for you. Inherent in the present condition of Facebook is a culture of transparency that depreciates and disregards inauthenticity. In case you’re reluctant to demonstrate the genuine individuals behind your campaign, that is okay, but spare your time and cash and go someplace else besides Facebook.

Finally, many individuals don’t understand what number of online visits profile pages create. A habit widely recognized for Facebook clients is browsing the profile pages of friends and practically stalking the profile pages of individuals they need to understand more about. By joining with several clients and partners on Facebook, you’ll drive a TON of traffic to your profile page. Exploit that tremendous opportunity.

#2. Facebook Groups

Groups are the oldest and straightforward approach to building a community around your brand or organization on Facebook. By starting a group, you create a central place for clients and partners to take an interest in discussions around your brand.

Facebook groups have boards for posting discussion subjects, photographs, videos, and links right out of the box. You can likewise effortlessly send news and upgrades to your group members as regularly as you prefer – messages land in their Facebook inboxes. Also, the best part about Groups is you can create as many as you need because they are free.

Groups are one of the easiest approaches to viral advertising on Facebook. When individuals have joined your group, they can effortlessly welcome their companions to join the group by means of the Invite feature. If your members are excited about your group, it can grow rapidly. Additionally, your group name will typically appear on the members personal profile pages until they leave the group.

Obviously, groups have their issues.

Above all, Facebook removes your capacity to impact messages to your group once it surpasses a certain size. While Facebook is taking a shot at removing this limit, group owners are still right now encountering this limitation at 1,000 to 1,500 individuals.

Second, if your group gets to be well known, it can turn into a target for spammers. If you need to keep your group clean, be prepared to invest time erasing spam posts and reporting clients that spam your group to Facebook. This can consume a ton of time.

#3. Facebook Pages (some of them buy Facebook likes in Australia but this is optional)

Pages were launched by Facebook in November 2007 as a path for organizations of many types to effectively set up a brand vicinity on Facebook. Since then of course a lot of people started to buy Facebook likes in Australia as soon as they create their new Facebook page, this is a little quick fix trick but it’s not necessary by any means. Pages are much more like gatherings, with some important contrasts:

  • Pages are more versatile than groups. You can include HTML, Flash, or even Facebook applications to your pages to extend their usefulness and the profundity of experience clients can have with your image.
  • Pages get more prominent “Bumper Stickers” portion than groups on the profile pages of your fans.
  • There is no restriction to the quantity of fans in your gathering that you can message.
  • “Fans” who join your group have no ability to welcome their companions to be devotees of your Page. Fans should either “Share” your page with their companions, or their companions must observe that they “are a fan” of your Page either through their profile page or News Feed.
  • Facebook has taken a dynamic part in taking action against Pages not made by approved operators.

Pages are a decent choice for little or local organizations that need to set up a vicinity on Facebook. Like groups, they’re another free and simple approach to perform viral advertising.


#4. Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a free application created by Facebook that anybody can use to promote marketing occasions, sponsored gatherings, or even product launches, transactions, or organization milestones.

When you establish an event, it gets a fully featured page, much like a gathering, that incorporates a wall, discussion, photographs, links, and videos. You can welcome the greater part of your friends to the event; friends you welcome will get a notice asking for their RSVP. You can also add administrators to the event, who can likewise welcome the majority of their friends.

Facebook Events makes it simple to get the word out to many individuals, deal with your visitor list, and build a community around your upcoming events.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ways a business can use Facebook to market for free. Is there anything about Facebook that we missed? Let us know a strategy of your own. Sound off in the comments below.

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