How to Make People Fall in Love with Your Brand Using Instagram

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Do you currently use Instagram to promote your business? If you don’t, you definitely should be taking advantage of this platform. If you currently are using Instagram, are people falling head-over-heels for your brand? If not, there are some ways that you can make that possible and build your customer base stronger and faster. Here are some tips to make people love your brand when they encounter you on Instagram.

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How Instagram Works

Instagram is one of the most successful social media platforms available today. They announced recently that they have more than 300 million active users, which is more than Twitter currently has. That’s significant considering that Twitter is a much older, and much more well-known platform.

Instagram is a Facebook company now (which they bought for a cool billion) with the distinction of photo sharing with filters that make pictures look unique and professionally edited. Instagram uses conventional social media platforms in order to share the pictures and they are more popular than almost every other social media site out there.

In fact, they are in the top ten of social media sites in the United States and climbing fast, so you can’t ignore the opportunity Instagram offers. Every day, more than 70 million photos and videos are shared on the Instagram platform.  So, how do you go about making people love your brand using Instagram? Here are some tips that might help.

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Create an Action Hashtag in your Instagram posts

Hashtags are the way that businesses communicate with their fans, and how they are able to let other people know that they exist. Ideally, a hashtag would become so popular (even temporarily) that it would be listed in the trending tags and you would gain potentially millions of followers because of it.

However, with Instagram, you just need to create an action hashtag that you can use across all the platforms that you use to share your Instagram media.

Join Forces with a Cause You Believe In

If you want to connect with a whole new audience, partner up with a cause that has the same values that your company does. You can launch some kind of shared promotion, or just contribute to them in a big way. Either way, you will get some interest from their own fans and will probably gain some of your own.

For Instagram, you need to make sure you get pictures of the promotion, the gift, or whatever you are doing to help this charity.

Stay True to Your Brand On Instagram

You might be tempted to try to relate to your followers so closely that you aren’t relevant to your own brand anymore. This is a common pitfall that people fall into with Instagram marketing. Instead, try to relate through the eyes of your brand, and if it excites you, it will probably excite your fans as well.

Try to think about why these people are on Instagram in the first place and then give them what they want, relevant to your brand. For example, if your followers love small independent businesses that are true and legit, you would have to think twice before you buy Instagram followers in Australia or in the UK, as this could make your loyal followers lose their trust in your brand…

But if your followers love big international brands and franchises with millions of people that follow them, then, in that case, it would be appropriate to buy Instagram followers in the UK or in Australia to boost your numbers and look even more popular. Click here if you want to compare the best sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK.

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Promote Your Instagram Profile Everywhere You Can

You already know that Instagram is set up to be shared on other social media platforms, and you should definitely take advantage of some of those, but what this means, in particular, is that you should put the Instagram logo in the same places where you put your Facebook and Twitter logos. These should be on display on your premises, on your website, and on materials like your business cards and anywhere else you think they might be appropriate.

Don’t Fall into the Over-Posting Trap

Many business owners go crazy when they start using Instagram because it is fun and it is quite easy to take pictures of stuff and post them. But make sure you don’t over-post.

Your followers see every post you make, so if you start uploading huge albums from Facebook or posting every little picture you can think to take, you’re going to start losing followers. Respect your follower’s feeds and try to post about as often as everyone else that they are following is posting.

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