How to Increase Your Followers Across Social Media

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In order to be successful on social media, you really need followers. Regardless of how great your content is, it’s not going to help you very much if there is no-one around to read it. Thus, the primary objective of your social media campaign starting out should be to build that audience and to get as many readers as you possibly can.

Let’s look at some of the strategies you can use to go about this and to immediately inflate your subscriber or follower count.

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Engage in Discussion

Many social media accounts will have active discussions. Facebook pages are rife with conversation for instance, as are Google+ communities. By heading to those points and then joining in with those conversations, you can build relationships, demonstrate your expertise and knowledge and make new connections.

If you are regularly participating and actually bringing something worthwhile to the discussion then you’ll find this grows your connections faster than anything else you can do. And what’s best is that it doesn’t ”feel” like flagrant self-promotion (which is always the best way to make an impression).

Add People

What do you find yourself doing if someone adds you on Facebook, Twitter or G+? Even if you don’t know them, your response will often be to simply add them back. This holds true for a lot of people, so if you want to grow your list – add people.

Look for Influencers

Another powerful strategy is to look for people on Facebook and Twitter who you might consider to be the major ”influencers”. These are the people who post in your niche and who have lots of followers and lots of engagement.

Your next step is to engage with them in a genuine manner that doesn’t appear too cynical or marketing-motivated. If you do this, you might be lucky enough to get a retweet from them or a share, which will expose you to their audience.

Add Buttons

Add buttons and links to your website to turn your visitors and readers into followers.

There are two ways to do this. One is to add social sharing buttons to your content itself using a plugin like Shareaholic. Another way is to simply add links to your social media accounts as widgets in your sidebar or on your homepage – you can even add a feed to your Twitter and Instagram accounts.

This way, people who read your posts and enjoy what you have to say will then have a good way to find more content from you.


Finally, don’t be afraid to just ask people to sign up for your social media.

If you run a blog for instance, then just occasionally say at the end of your post ”be sure to add me on Facebook and Twitter”. Likewise, if you have a YouTube channel, add links to your social media accounts in your description and ask people to add you. You’ll be surprised at how effective simply drawing attention to these accounts can be once you’ve established some authority.

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