Discover a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Non-profits

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A non-profit is a business that makes enough money to cover its bills, but does not make much more money than that at all. That’s why it’s is going to be nearly impossible for them to have a large advertising budget. People need to know more about a social media marketing strategy they can use to get the donations that are needed to keep the business running, but also to spread the word about the goals of the non-profit.

With that being said, here is a very simple strategy for non-profits to use to help them in getting the notice they need to have.


Pinterest Is a Friend

With most of the non-profits they are going to be helping people who cannot really help themselves. When they are doing this they need to make sure they try to get as many pictures as possible. This is going to make it easier for them to spread the word about what is being done and share the pictures that are needed. This way people are going to get a great share for the pictures and know these pictures are the ones that can easily pull on the heart strings of people all the time.

Since this is the case, people will be able to get the word spread about their mission quickly and easily because of the pictures they are sharing on their Pinterest accounts.

Facebook Is Great

With most people they already know how great Facebook is for their business, but they need to realize it is also great for a non-profit to use as well. When people start to use their Facebook pages they will quickly notice it is going to be easier for them to get the shares they need to have and spread the word about any of the upcoming events. Not only that it will be easier for the non-profit to get the traffic they need to have because of the way they have their Facebook pages set up for sharing.

Something else people will enjoy when they are running a non-profit is the fact that it is going to be easier for people to share the information. All people have to do is see the information is for a non-profit and if it is one they have heard of before and support there is a good chance they will end up sharing the information time and time again. This way people will have a chance to make the event even larger and if the posts are written up properly can easily lead to a viral social crush.

Campaign Feedback

When the social media accounts have been set up it is going to be easy for people to start to get some feedback. This way the non-profit will be able to see how they should be changing their advertising and this can easily lead to them getting even more in the way of shares and having the word spread around.

Without this type of instant feedback people may end up having problems in getting the information spread out like they want to and this could easily lead to them not having the right shares or even worse lead to no one showing up for any of the events people have planned.


Sharing Information

While this is what social media is for, the non-profit needs to make sure they are sharing information, including pictures on a regular basis. By doing this on a regular basis, it is going to be easier for people to get the right type of assistance they need to have in getting the information spread out and know it is going to help people out.

Without this, people may struggle to get the following they need to have and this could easily make it impossible for them to raise any type of money like they need because of the different ways the information is being shared.

Properly Hashtagging All the Information

Hashtags are something that a lot of people realize they need to do. However, when people are looking at their social media pages for their non-profit business they need to make sure they know about the hashtags. By using the popular hashtags and using them properly it is going to be easier for the social media websites to be found and even get the proper views that they need to have. Without this, people are going to have problems in getting the traffic they need to have any this could easily lead to the business not getting the right traffic or missing out on quite a bit of the traffic that it needs to have.

When a non-profit is looking at turning to social media for help raising funds, they know it will be a challenge. However, for a lot of businesses they need to realize it is going to be more of a challenge than what they expect. This is when people should know more about the different strategies that will help them with their social media marketing. By knowing about these strategies it will be easier for the business to get the rankings they want to have and know it is going to help them in getting the funds raised and programs out in front of the general public.

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