A Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors

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If you’re a financial advisor looking for creative ways to gain new clients, look no further than today’s world of social media. The Internet has made it possible to attract a global market of potential customers without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.  It starts with a few key memberships to today’s most important social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best places to start.

Once you set up your accounts, here are a few tips to help you engage your target audience and convert them into paying clients.  


Find Your Target Audience

Take a few minutes and think about your typical customer. What are their hobbies? What are their interests? Where would they most likely spend their time when surfing the Internet? Once you know your audience well, you can target interactions on platforms they frequent.

For example, if you are trying to attract retired attorneys you will not spend time on forums for single mothers.  If you are hoping to offer financial services to business owners, you might want to look for Facebook pages for local business associations and start making connections there.

Education is Key

Believe it or not, your clients will want to learn something from you.  They will be more willing to work with you as their financial advisor if they believe that they are getting real value with your services.  So, why not find a way to use the social media outlets as a channel for education?  

Help your readers understand the market, and how to spend their money in the most effective manner.  They will begin trust you and they will be more willing to let you guide them.  

Explain Your Services

Always take the time to help the visitors completely understand what you are offering them.  What are your services? Be very clear about what you can do for them and how you can make an impact in their finances.  

You should never assume that all visitors to your site fully understand what a financial advisor is.  So, you will need to break things down so that they are well aware of what needs you can fulfill for them.  

Damage Control is Key

When you use social media, you must remember that individuals may be able to comment on your services. Therefore, you must be able to repair any form of negative feedback immediately.  Remember, you are a professional.  Therefore, anything that you say should be professional and timely.  

It does not matter who is at fault, only that you address the issue and that you are professional about it.  Make sure that you are also taking the time to keep up with your media and monitoring it to see what is posted on a regular basis.  

Social media is a smart way to get connected with potential clients and grow your business as a financial advisor. Start using this free marketing tool today and you will see a big spike in your business prospects in 2016.

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