7 Little Known – but Incredibly Handy – Facebook Features for Marketing

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With nigh-on 2 billion members at last check, Facebook continues to be by far the most dominant social network. It has done this by continually breaking new ground in the world of social media, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of marketing.

Facebook is an incredible tool for marketers, and far more expansive than most give it credit for. It’s likely that you won’t have heard of most of its features, such is the depth of the utility. So to ensure that you get the most out of Facebook, let’s look at seven fantastic marketing features that may well have flown under your radar.

facebook marketing features

H2 – H2 – Marketing Features

1. Facebook Audience Insights

Paid advertising is part of any serious social media marketing campaign, and with it – on Facebook at least – comes a wealth of incredible insights. These can be found within the “Audience Insights” section of Facebook’s business section (marked by a grayer color palate). The Facebook insights run deep, offering incredibly detailed info about your target audience, allowing you to create content that is far more relevant.

2. Ad Relevance Score

Facebook’s ad relevance score is a way of quantifying exactly how successful your ad is likely to be. A huge array of factors are considered when coming up with the score, including views, clicks, likes, comments, and positive and negative reactions. The relevance of your ad will also steer its cost – Facebook rewards success, so a good score will result in more views for less cash!

3. Post Scheduler

Many people assume that you require a third party app like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule posts. Not so. Facebook has a native function to do just that. It’s just a matter of clicking on the “Publishing Tools” tab, selecting “Scheduled Posts” and then creating one!

facebook marketing features

4. Invite People to Like Your Page

A quick and easy way to grow your audience, you can automatically suggest your facebook page to your contacts in far more ways than you might have thought. Businesses with healthy email databases rejoice – you can import your entire list of contacts and flick them a link to like your page automatically. Simply click on the “…” button on your page, then click “Suggest Page.” A variety of email options will come up, so just choose the one that’s right for you.

Suggest Your Facebook Page to Friends and Contacts

On top of that, did you know that you can suggest your facebook page to people who have previously engaged with your content? Just click on the list of people that like a particular post, and they’ll be listed with a button that says either:

  • Liked – that person already likes your page
  • Invited – that person has already been invited to like your page, or
  • Invite – that person hasn’t yet been invited

If it’s the third option, hit the invite option to (hopefully) gain another follower. The good thing is that they’ve already appreciated content that you’ve posted, so the conversion to followership shouldn’t be a particularly difficult one.

5. Pages to Watch

Keeping an eye on the competition, or industry movers and shakers, is always a good idea. And Facebook makes it incredibly easy. “Pages to Watch” allows you to follow up to 100 pages and compare their activity, audience growth and engagement with your own over a weekly period. You’ll get incredibly detailed insights into the workings of your competitors and of social media leaders, allowing you to learn the Facebook marketing ropes super quickly!

facebook marketing

6. Like Facebook Pages as Your Brand

If you put the good vibes out, you’ll get the good vibes back. But many people assume that you can’t let the positive energy flow from your business facebook page by liking and following the pages of others. The reality is that you can, although it’s a feature that’s somewhat hidden. You’ll need to visit the page that you’re looking to support, but instead of blindly hitting “like, you instead need to hit the “…” button on the page, and click “Like As Your Page.” This is great to encourage a little bit of #f4f action!

7. Free Ad Images

Did you know there was a stock photo collection built within Facebook, ready to bring fantastic imagery to your next campaign? When you create your Facebook ad, you’ll obviously be given the ability to upload your own images, but next to the upload button you’ll see a stock images tab. As it’s completely free it’s always worth a look, particularly if you haven’t got any imagery that’s super relevant to your facebook post on file!

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